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FLAMÉ Conch pearls are produced naturally by the queen conch mollusk, found in the Caribbean. Most are elongated or baroque in shape; near-round specimens are extremely rare. The finest examples often exhibit a flame-like structure that is visible to the naked eye. ________________________________________ de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Flamé Papillon Brooch Conch pearls totaling more than 53 carats, red spinels totaling more than 4 carats and diamonds set in 18K yellow gold make up this lovely butterfly brooch. OPPOSITE PAGE: de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Flamé Tassel Necklace Seed pearls capped with three pink conch pearls and various multicolored natural pearls. On a surmount composed of a natural white pearl suspended by diamond beads and set in platinum. de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Flamé Earrings Stunning dangle earrings each contain one pink conch pearl and one grey pearl, linked by diamond pavé claws. The left and right are mirror images in the grey-pink pattern. de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Bypass Ring Lovely Victorian-era-inspired twin stone ring features a magnificent black Tahitian pearl and a white South Sea pearl. The motif is completed by pavé-set diamonds and fabricated in 18K white gold.

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