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The skillfulness and precision of the engravers working for Buccellati allow them to execute objects of great pres- tige and admiration. Each worker, leaning on his or her desk, with a cushion full of sand to lay their objects on, seems to apply no strength in the engraving act. And this is partly true, but everything depends on the good cutting of the tool and a very practiced know-how. It takes hours and hours, and finally days and months of work, depend- ing on the type of jewel to be engraved. It is a patient art aimed at giving shape to beauty. The result is amazing: endless light games, soft and sensual reflections, refined and incomparable particulars.

SEGRINATO The result of this technique is maybe less luminous, but surely is the softest and is obtained by engraving, in every possible direction, tiny overlapping lines.

The engraving techniques mainly used at Buccellati can be summarized as follows:

ORNATO This complicated technique is used for decorations in- spired by nature (animal, leaves, flowers). We can consid- er this technique as the featuring of pure design, which reproduces any image, like the designs of the most famous maestros of the past.

RIGATO This engraving is based on parallel lines – more or less far from one another – cut onto the surface of the metal with a burin to obtain a sheen effect and a great brightness.

MODELLATO This is the most delicate engraving technique, which consists of reproducing several designs chiseled in three dimensions on a minuscule scale, mainly used for the dec- orations of the borders. It is very much like a microsculpture. Engraving is an art at Buccellati and this is one of the characteristics the brand is today world famous for. It rep- resents hours and hours of meticulous and patient work.

TELATO This is a texture obtained by fine crosshatched lines. The ultimate result is of a little less luminosity, but it looks like linen.




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