Aulsbrook Law Firm - June 2020

JUNE 2020


A s I write this, it’s the middle of April, and we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because our firm focuses on car wrecks, and we work with clients who have been injured or experienced damages, you might imagine things have changed for us. There has been a significant drop in motorists on the road, which means people aren’t getting into as many wrecks. As a result, we’re seeing far fewer cases than we normally do. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look into a personal injury law firm: We generally don’t get paid on cases for anywhere between 6–18 months after we sign on a new client. So from a cash flow perspective, our firm hasn’t changed much because we are still working on cases and getting them settled. Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters are working from home — just like us — and still having to do their jobs. While no one was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are fortunate that we had already set ourselves up with the proper technology to work remotely. Everyone at the firm has laptops and remote access to case files. The only real difference is that our team is not working at the office in order to adhere to the shelter-in-place orders. It’s just about business as usual! We have a cloud-based client management system that allows our team members to securely work on cases from wherever they have an internet connection. The office phones from each desk were also moved to everyone’s respective homes. Outgoing phone calls look as though they are still being made from the office. (This way, if you have our number saved to your contacts, then you know it’s us!) It also allows all incoming phone calls to be routed to our homes instead of the office so we don’t miss a thing. We can even transfer to each respective extension. That’s the wonder of technology for you! My house is only about five minutes from the office. I still come into the office every day, but I’m the only one in the building. Alison normally works from home and had been doing so long before the shelter-at-home order, so we already have our own home workspace set up. It’s made things very smooth. As of this writing, we haven’t eaten inside a restaurant in over a month. I miss going to eat out. I miss shaking hands and hugging people, too! Looking back, things like this seem so small and simple, and yet, when they are gone, even temporarily, I really miss them in my daily life. Weathering the Storm

One good thing to come out of the pandemic is virtual court hearings. I was able to attend court and represent my clients from my desk in shorts. I could get used to that! It’s nice not having to put on a suit and go to the courthouse on those hot Texas summer days. Maybe the court system will continue to use some of the virtual technology. I know many other businesses owners haven’t been in our position and have been crippled by COVID-19. We were blessed to be in a financial and technological position to weather the storm. Instead of focusing on the negative, we remain optimistic. We are improving our internal systems and working on some new strategies to come out of this stronger than before. That’s just what we do as Americans. This too shall pass.

–Matt Aulsbrook 1

Stay safe out there,



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