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HowDr. Jelinek Can Help YouMeet Your 2020 Goals New Year, New You? Some people use the new year as an impetus for making improvements to their life, while others view New Year’s resolutions as a pipe dream. Research into this yearly trend reminds us just how difficult these goals can be to accomplish. A study published by Psychology Today magazine found that only 55% of participants were still working on resolutions by the end of January. Despite this disheartening statistic, it is possible to meet your New Year’s goals! All you need is a little support in your corner. Here’s how Dr. Jelinek and his team can help you meet your goals this new year. GOAL: BE HEALTHIER If you have promised yourself a healthier 2020, you may want to look to your bed for help. The truth is that sleep is a vital part of your well-being. Your body utilizes this time to repair tissue, give your heart a break, and improve cognitive function. If you’re making a resolution to get healthier, consider the quality of sleep you are getting. The exercise routine and diet you commit to are moot if you don’t focus on your sleep. Sleep apnea limits the amount of oxygen your body takes in while you sleep, causing your body to jolt awake and never fully drift into meaningful sleep. Jaw problems or teeth grinding can also prohibit good sleep, but viable solutions to your sleep troubles do exist. Dr. Jelinek and his team will consult with you to find the solution that fits your life and allows you to drift off to (healthy) sleep. headaches are common, but they are not normal . You do not have to live with daily headaches or chronic jaw pain. Both can limit your ability to lead a healthy, happy life, and while there is a litany of causes that can contribute to each, there are also many solutions. Whether you need therapeutic techniques or a custom-made oral appliance, Dr. Jelinek can help you find relief, so you never have to worry about when daily head pain will strike again. Don’t muddle through another new year. Meet your goals and overcome the obstacles that are plaguing your life by making an appointment with Dr. Jelinek. Call us at 703-584-5996. GOAL: LIVE PAIN-FREE If you’re an avid reader of this newsletter, you already know that

MORE THAN JUST ‘YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!’ Lessons Families Can Learn From ‘A Christmas Story’

In 1983, one movie introduced Red Ryder BB guns, fishnet-clad leg lamps, and bright red bars of soap into America’s everlasting Christmas mythos. Now, over 35 years later, “A Christmas Story” continues to delight audiences every holiday season with timeless lessons for viewers of all ages. In a story where kids are clever and kind, and parents are bumbling and wise, “A Christmas Story” has more lessons to offer families than just, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” YOUR KIDS ARE LISTENING TO YOU (OH, FUDGE!). They aren’t always obedient, but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. After Ralphie lets slip the “queen mother of dirty words” in front of his father, the narrator reminisces about first hearing that word from his old man — possibly when he was trying to get their furnace to work. He doesn’t admit this to his mother, but it’s a lesson for parents everywhere that kids may hear more than they let on. KIDS WON’T BELIEVE IN MAGIC FOREVER. Magical stories about Santa or even “Little Orphan Annie’s” Secret Society fill children’s hearts with wonder but won’t enchant them forever. Belief in certain parts of the Christmas season can fade slowly or die as quickly as the spin of a decoder pin, but parents can always be there to remind children about what’s really important during the Christmas season. SOMETIMES ‘DISASTERS’ LEAD TO NEW ADVENTURES. Christmas Day can be hectic, and, in the hubbub of it all, sometimes disaster can feel inevitable. Ralphie’s parents certainly experience their fair share of disaster in hilarious fashion when the Bumpus Hounds destroy their holiday turkey and leave nothing but the heavenly aroma. But, when Ralphie’s father takes them out to eat at a local Chinese restaurant, it creates a whole new Christmas tradition for the Parker family. Our holiday mishaps, no matter how tragic, are rarely the end of the world.

Consider one final tip: Do not stick your tongue to any flagpoles this winter! Happy holidays!



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