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MARCH 2020



In the 1980s, my father, a few friends, and I set out to have a fun sailing trip in the Caribbean. We planned to spend a few days out on the sea, but our vacation didn’t turn out the way we’d expected it to. The first part of the trip, which consisted of getting to the Caribbean, went as planned, and all of us were in high spirits to get out to the sea. Once we were out, however, things started to take a turn. My dad received a call over the radio that urged all boats to take refuge in a nearby cove. Hurricane Allen was on the way. It was a frightening experience. As Dad turned the boat around and pointed us to the cover where other sailboats were heading, we could see the storm coming at us in the distance. When we finally pulled into the cove, there were many other boats anchored there. We settled down too, and then braced ourselves as best as we could for the storm. For three days, we were stuck on that boat, and while we had enough food and water to last us, no one could step off the boat. We just had to wait it out. The next 72 hours were extremely stressful, and after the hurricane passed, we were exhausted. We felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation. Since then, I’ve gone on several trips with my family, but they were nothing compared to that horrible experience — and never on a boat. I never want to go on another sailing trip again. From this experience, I learned that life is filled with unexpected journeys, which is a fitting topic this month. March 25 marks Tolkien Reading Day, a chance for us to look at the most unexpected

adventures we may have experienced, whether good or bad. Much like Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins, I found myself on a rather frightful adventure that I didn’t predict. But from it, I also gained a new perspective. Once the trip was over, I couldn’t help but appreciate life a little more than I did before. I found myself enjoying all parts of life, even the moments when I felt angry or sad, and today I feel just the same. Every day, I greatly appreciate my life, the people in it, and the work I do. That experience also helped me be more careful in future endeavors. While I still don’t think I’ll get on a sailboat any time soon, Hurricane Allen helped me prepare for other outings with my family. I’m now more aware of possible dangers and am even more careful in the activities my family and I participate in while we’re on a trip. In my line of work, I’ve found many people experience the same shift. As an attorney, I help people who have experienced some of the worst moments of their lives. From my own personal experience and as a lawyer, I know that horrific moments don’t just happen to us; they help us grow. These journeys we find ourselves in, unexpected or not, can shift our perspective of the world and help us live our best lives.

“From this experience, I learned that life is filled with unexpected journeys.”

Ricardo Garcia

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