ESB 30th Floor Tour Book

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) improves employee health and productivity. We’ve created a program of industry-leading healthy suites to provide tenants with the opportunity to maximize their IEQ, employee recruitment and retention, and their bottom line. BE Healthier with ESRT IEQ

Air Quality Active Bi-Polar Ionization Neutralizes 99.92% of coronaviruses CO2 Sensors Perform 50% better on cognitive tasks MERV 13 Filters Removes 85% of harmful air particles Increased Ventilation Mitigates indoor air pollution, a top 10 cause of illness in humans Annual Air Testing Detect and prevent harmful VOCs Operable Windows Let in fresh air Light Quality Natural Light with Views 78% of employees state natural light and views improves their wellbeing; 70% report improved work performance Daylight Dimming Naturally lit offices report >50% reduction in eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness

Healthy Products Low/No VOC Materials and No Red List Materials VOCs are typically 10x higher indoors, which has adverse effects on human health and the environment

Data provided by Microchem Laboratory, The Center For Disease Control, Harvard Business Review, and World Health Organization.

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