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June 2018

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Would You Invest 3 Minutes of Your Time to Find Out …?

A few months ago, Borbala and I drove to Washington, D.C., to attend a conference about online marketing. The title of the event was “The Art of Lead Generation,” and the focus was on Facebook advertising. Currently, we are not as active online as we would like to be, so attending a conference on this topic seemed like a good idea. The event was well-organized, and what I liked most was that it was more of a hands-on learning experience, as opposed to just listening to a boring lecture. I’ve attended way too many lecture-style events, and it was refreshing to experience something more interesting. One phrase I always hear at these events is that I should avoid the “this won’t work for me” attitude. According to Borbala, I tend to be a bit pessimistic at times, and even though I disagree with this assessment, I attended this event with an open mind. Overall, I had a positive experience. I came away with new knowledge, made some new connections, and even had time to check out some of the new restaurants in D.C. Then came the important part of the trip: the drive back home. I prefer to drive because this way I get a chunk of uninterrupted time to digest all the new information I had learned. Yes, it is important to invest “3 minutes of our time” into learning about new ideas and new opportunities to grow our business. Our job is to discover as many opportunities as possible, but at the end of the day, we have to decide which of these opportunities we turn into reality. The long drive home gave us a chance to talk about the harder questions, like what do we have to give up to implement this new idea? What else is on our agenda? What takes priority? Will the operations of our business be negatively affected by the changes?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen thriving businesses go into bankruptcy because of the implementation of great ideas. For example, we’ve worked with a business owner who spent a lot of money on marketing, which resulted in new clients coming in. The quality of service was also excellent, but the operations became so inefficient that they had to file for bankruptcy before starting all over again.

How can a great idea ruin an entire company? This can happen when people fail to consider the following questions:

• How do the different pieces fit together?

• Do the different projects work toward one goal, or against each other?

• Are the various aspects of the business aligned and in harmony?

New marketing tactics and business growth opportunities might be valuable when evaluated separately. It might work for somebody at some point in time, BUT it is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure that the ideas you choose to execute work together toward your overall plan and vision for your business. If you are struggling with conflicting projects or deciding what should take priority in your business, schedule an in-person VIP Day, when we dive deep into where and why you are stuck and help you overcome the obstacles that hold you back. –Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

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