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A Season of Discovery

learn a bit more about our history and thought about the fact that the fall harvest season is something that will be more significant to my family each year moving forward. And for me personally, this was very true. This is because after some time of dealing with abdominal issues, along with fatigue and other aches and pains – I was diagnosed with celiac disease. For those that aren’t familiar with the condition, celiac disease is essentially a life-long autoimmune disease that is characterized by a severe wheat or gluten intolerance. The irony of these 2 discoveries so close together is not lost on me or my family! However, with proper diagnosis and treatment, I amnow feeling better than ever. 4 Fast Facts About Celiac Disease Most people who have the condition don’t know it. In fact, research suggests that 80% of people who have the disease are undiagnosed! Have celiac disease? Then all of your first-degree relatives should be screened as well. Finding the right doctor is very important. If you’re interested in a personal recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask! Tim Bonack 1 in 100 people in the world has celiac disease.

As we get older, it seems like more and more people are experiencing health issues that include symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and even fibromyalgia. As a physical therapist, I’m used to hearing about a wide range of different symptoms frommy patients each day but little did I know that some of my own reoccurring symptoms meant that I was struggling with a health issue as well. Recently, while attending my family reunion back in Wisconsin, my family researched our coat of arms. We discovered that our family were farmers in Germany and likemany farmers, wheat was our main crop. I was delighted to things-you-might-not-know-about-celiac-disease/

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