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Air handlers: BlueCool A-Series Modular system to fit any demand

Webasto offers a new range of air handlers to fit any demand on capacity or space limitations. The new modular concept makes the A-Series adaptable to individual requirements and the exclusive Webasto Instant Drain condensate management system ensures immediate drainage. New accessories like the BlueCool MyTouch display, electric heat modules or flow control valves can fine-tune your applications.

BlueCool A-Series

One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required cooling capacities individually in each room. Webasto provides a completely new designed air handler portfolio in 3 different layouts with a performance range from 4,000 – 36,000 BTU / h to suit all sizes and space requirements of your boat.

EHM – Electric heat module

The electric heat module EHM ensures cabin heating independent from chiller operation. It is easily installed in-line into the air duct of the A-Series air handlers and provides 600 – 1800 W capacity to enable heating in selective cabins while chiller is in cooling mode.

Flow control valve

The flow control valve allows the chilled water to bypass the heat exchanger of the A-Series when needed. The comfort on boards is increased while directing the chilled water only to those cabins with cooling / heating demand. Continuous blower operation is possible to reduce noise variations in cabins.


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