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Webasto air heaters BlueCool MyTouch Display Air Top Evo 55

Air Top Evo 55 – for extreme conditions

Extremely powerful, compact and quiet, this heater ensures a comfortable climate for larger yachts even under the harshest conditions, and satisfies the most demanding requirements. It can be upgraded with the new multi mode user interface to offer additional operation modes depending on individual heating requirements. Two Air Top heaters can be combined into one system for increased heating demand (up to 11 kW). The whole system can be operated via one central user interface.

Technical specifications

Air Top Evo 55*

EC approval mark ECE R122 (Heating)

E1 000385

EC approval mark ECE R10 (EMC)

E1 035529

Heating power (kW) Heating power (BTU/ h)

1.5 – 5.0 (5.5*) 5,100 – 17,000 (18,800*) Diesel 0.18 – 0.61 (0.67) Diesel 0.04 – 0.15 (0.17)

Fuel, Fuel consumption (l / h) Fuel, Fuel consumption (gal / h)

Each of this five cabin yacht has an individual air outlet. The air duct to the salon as well as the front should have at least 80 mm Ø to ensure a good air flow and one of the outlets should be non-closable. The fresh air is taken in via the rear locker from outside.

Rated voltage (V)

12, 24

Rated power consumption (W)

15 – 95 (130)

Rated current at 12 V (A)

1.3 – 7.9 (10.8)

Rated current at 24 V (A)

0.6 – 4.0 (5.4)

Air Flow against 0.5 mbar (m 3 / h) Air Flow against 0.5 mbar (cfm) Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Dimensions L x W x H (inch)

220 129

423 x 148 x 162 16.6 x 5.8 x 6.3

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)

5.9 13

Diameter air outlet (mm) Diameter air outlet (inch) Diameter exhaust (mm) Diameter exhaust (inch)

90 3.54 24 0.94

With the heater in the engine compartment, the fuel supply system must be designed to be fire-resistant. The air outlet to the salon has to be non-closable. Air outlets for the other cabins or the head compartment may be closable to enable individual heat regulation.

The advantages of the Air Top Evo 55:

 5.5 kW power for fast heating  New flame detection through exhaust gas temperature sensor  Automatic cold start function for quick warm-up  Quiet operation


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