MRN_910051_Commercial Catalog

High-capacity professional chiller units BlueCool Q-Series

Technical data

BlueCool Q-Series

Cooling capacity (BTU/ h) range

500 – 1,500 kBTU / h

Cooling capacity (kW) range

147 – 440

Voltage (V)

360 – 690

Frequency (Hz)

50 / 60

Refrigerant types

R134a, R407c,F1234yf

Min. sea water temp. Heating (°C)


Max. sea water temp. Cooling (°C)*

35 * Higher temperature on request

Examples of a 2-stage Q-Series high capacity chiller unit

 High capacity chillers as project based development  Modular concept allows to combine multiple units into one integrated system  Easy maintainable semi-hermetic compressor  Heat exchanger tubes with highly efficient tube geometry and anti-fouling profile on the coolant side  Detachable end cover of tube condenser to permit mechanical cleaning of the pipes  Several customer specific options available such as gauges, redundancy controls, CAN bus interfaces etc.  Optional 100% pump-down capacity for making circuit repairs without recovering the refrigerant

Project based development


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