Pathway Brochure 2021

What is the London Language Institute Pathway Program?

London Language Institute is proud to introduce a unique University Pathway Program for students seeking entrance into college and university. LLI has developed a curriculum that prepares students for university academic courses that are taught in English. LLI has partnerships with local high schools as well as a variety colleges and universities across Canada and into the United States.

Advantages of London Language Institute Pathway program

1) Students not only have access to one school but all our partner universities (some of the top schools in Canada).

2) Students may change their selection of school (if they meet the standard of the new school) during their study at London Language Institute. 3) Students that do not meet their ideal university requirement, will be suggested alternative schools. London Language Institute also provides programs to upgrade and increase the GPA of the student while studying at London Language Institute so they may reapply to their preferred universities when they are in Canada.

4) Students will have their conditional offers in hand prior to finishing high school or leaving their home country.

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