Pathway Brochure 2021

Partner Universities Introduction

Western University - Brescia University College Brescia University College is Canada’s only women’s university. We are a small, student centered university college, with approximately 1,300 students registered annually. Located across the road from Western’s main campus, we provide an engaging environment that encourages active participation in learning, development of leadership and teamwork skills, and community involvement. A pre-university preliminary year program is offered to both male and female registrants. Residence is guaranteed and generous scholarship and bursary programs are offered. Trent University Trent University was built in 1964; it is a liberal arts and science-oriented university located in Peterborough, which has 135,000 population. Trent University ranked #1 in Ontario in Maclean’s University Ranking in the Primarily Undergraduate Category. It has high quality programs, such as: Science of Business Administration, economy, mathematics, environment, biology, Anthropology, natural science, social science, computer science.

Western University - Huron University College Huron University College is a university within a university. As the founding college of Western University, we opened our doors in 1863, making us one of the oldest universities in Canada. Originally founded as an Anglican theological college, we now offer programs in Liberal Arts, Management and Organizational Studies, Social Sciences, as well as Theology. Our student population of almost 1,300 means that we offer a dynamic and intimate learning environment, small classes and residence. Western University - King’s University College Founded in 1955, King’s is a Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts, university college affiliated with Western University. Located in London, Ontario, Canada, King’s has 3,100 full-time and 400 part-time students from all faiths and backgrounds who are interested in the benefits of small classes, quality teaching and a community atmosphere. Entrance scholarships are guaranteed for students with an overall average of 80% or greater and do not require an application. King’s offers Bachelor degrees in Management and Organizational Studies; Childhood and Social Institutions; Social Justice and Peace Studies; a wide range of disciplines in the faculties of Arts and Social Science; Social Work; and a Master’s in Social Work. Renewable Entrance Scholarships are guaranteed to high school applicants with final averages above 80%.

Trent University is proud of its small class size model, which emphasizes on interaction in small group settings.

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