Pathway Brochure 2021

The Road to Success

Bridge Program Level 5 is a bridging program between ESL and Academic Preparation. A passing grade of 60% is required to progress to Academic Preparation.

Academic Preparation Program Our Academic Preparation program prepares students for post-secondary studies through exposure to authentic academic tasks with language support.

ESL PROGRAM Students progress through our ESL program from the beginner to high-intermediate level. A passing grade of 60% is required for progression to the next level.

Level 1 8 weeks

Level 5 8 weeks

AP1 8 weeks

AP2 8 weeks

Level 2 8 weeks

University Readiness Students who complete the Academic Preparation program with a minimum score of 75% satisfy the language requirements for many of our pathway partners.

Additional Support Students who complete the program but do not obtain the minimum score may be required to complete a language proficiency examination, such as CAEL, TOEFL or IELTS.

Level 3 8 weeks

Level 4 8 weeks

AP3 is not a requirement for university admission, but provides additional academic preparation prior to beginning post-secondary studies.

Test Preparation Classes

AP3 8 weeks

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