PeRfOrMaNcE MaZdA’s LaSt MiNuTe MoNdAy’s iS BaCk FoR ThE FiNaL TiMe ThIs YeAr !! FiNaL SaLe fOr 2013 No BuLlS

OuR “No BuLlS” PrIcInG iS sO lOw oUr dIrEcT cOmPeTiToRs wIlL cOmPlAiN tO MaZdA CaNaDa iF wE AdVeRtIsE tHeM…. “No BuLlS”!!! We WaNt YoUr TrAdE ...MoToRcYcLeS, Rv’S, AtV, AlL CaRs, TrUcKs AnD SuV’S… AlL LiEnS WiLl nD Be ClEaReD On ApPrOvEd CrEdIt. No DeAlErS /No FlEeT CoMpAnIeS WiLl Be B AlLoWeD To PaRtIcIpAtE In ThIs FiNaL 12 HoUr EvEnT Of 2013 ExTrA sTaFf oN hAnD fOr tHiS lAsT EvEnT oF 2013, eXcEpT sMaLl wAiT tImEs, eVeRyOnE wIlL bE sErVeD iN a pRoFeSsIoNaL aNd tImElY mAnNeR.

“No BuLlS” sAvInGs wIlL bE aVaIlAbLe oN aLl iN-sToCk 2013, 2014 MaZdAs… StOcK Is LiMiTeD 613-830-6320 1-866-781-7415 1469 YOUVILLE DR., ORLEANS ON IF IT’S A MAZDA, MAKE IT A PERFORMANCE MAZDA ORLEANS

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