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Eagle Hill School Learning. Transformed. For children ages 6-16 with language-based learning disabilities Greenwich, CT

Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School Waltham, MA

At Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, a coeducational day and boarding school grounded in over 180 years of history, we remain dedicated to teaching the way our students learn. Students in grades 9-12 and postgraduate thrive in our college-preparatory curriculum where they find small class sizes, academic challenges and a tailored approach to learning necessary to be successful, innovative thinkers. Our students discover engaging classes, teachers, and peers, and actively contribute to a community that encourages participation in the arts, athletics and other extracurricular opportunities. Our rigorous curriculum challenges students, while instruction tailored to individual learning styles empowers our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching, along with support seamlessly integrated into the classroom, creates a transformational learning experience for students. We Teach the Way Students Learn: • An average class size of ten allows us to truly know our students • Dynamic 75minute classes engage students inmultiple ways of learning • Skills and Academic Support Program develops independent learners • Diverse population enriches the culture of our School • Co-curricular and arts programs inspire students to discover their passions • All CH-CH graduates enroll in college or university Teaching to Students’ Strengths The CH-CH community is committed to each student’s individual success and to understanding the unique ways in which each student learns. Our approach to education embodies the knowledge that students learn differently, exhibiting various academic strengths and areas which need more improvement. This requires varied, creative methods of instruction. An attentive, experienced faculty identifies

At Eagle Hill, our students and their families discover a specialized education for children with learning disabilities, one that suits each child’s strengths and needs, within an environment that is as traditional as possible. Our mission is clear: to provide individualized, academic remediation for children with language-based learning disabilities, and help them develop the skills and strategies to successfully transition to their next school. We believe that everyone can learn with the right kind of intervention. Students learn in different ways, so our research-based teaching methods and customized programs vary to suit each child’s learning profile. And, since children with learning disabilities often experience difficulty in social skills development, remediation of these skills is also provided.


The supportive, nurturing environment at Eagle Hill is key to the development of socially competent and emotionally secure children. Here, there is a recognition and acceptance for a variety of learning and social styles. But beyond that, our onsite team of social workers, school counselors, and psychologists ensure that there is always someone with additional support and expertise if needed. Our faculty genuinely enjoys children and consistentlymodels their support and acceptance of all of our students. Every class and program is structured so that all students have an opportunity for success. By the time our students leave Eagle Hill, they are well on their way to developing the self-assurance they need to learn, and the confidence to advocate for themselves. At Eagle Hill, we are committed to making learning enjoyable once again, and to providing our students with a sense of accomplishment as they make their way through each day. That is why our program is not only child-driven but also child-friendly. Quite simply, our students are happy to come to school. In addition to an intensive and customized academic program, they also enjoy art, music, athletics, and an extensive list of afternoon activities. Founded in Greenwich in 1975, Eagle Hill School is an independent, co-educational day school and five-day boarding school enrolling 250 students ages 6-15 from the tri-state area. The hallmark of Eagle Hill’s curriculum is an individualized, child-driven program, with a student- teacher ratio ranging from 1:1 to 12:1. 2015 OPEN HOUSE DATES April 21, May 19 (All sessions begin at 9 a.m.) 2015 SUMMER PROGRAMS OPEN HOUSE DATES April 28, 7-8:30 p.m. For reservations, please RSVP to: a.lovett@eaglehill.org or call (203) 622-9240 x. 612 www.eaglehillschool.org

ways to encourage each student to harness his or her strengths for continued progress, while devising strategies to engage students in learning methods that suit individual skills. CH-CH classes are both active and challenging. For example, students in a Spanish class may study a song, use its lyrics to hone speaking skills and engage in


group work to examine the piece’s cultural nuances. Then, they may create their own lyrics to the same tune, cementing their understanding of a particular set of vocabulary terms. Our layered approach to instruction provides students with meaningful interactions and a deep understanding of academic material. Visit www.chch.org for more information. Located at 785 Beaver St., Waltham, MA 02452. If you would like an individual campus tour and school visit, please contact the Admissions Office. Lisa Pelrine, Director of Admissions, 781-314-0800, admissions@chch.org


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