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The Gow School South Wales, NY

Cheshire Academy: Meeting students where they are and taking them beyond where they imagined possible. Cheshire, CT

The Gow School is a college-prep boys’ boarding and coed day school for students, grades 7-12, with dyslexia and similar language- based learning disabilities. Focusing on small class sizes, 3-7 students per class, and a low 4:1 student to faculty ratio, The Gow School offers

Founded in 1794, Cheshire Academy is one of the oldest boarding schools in New England. Known for its diversity, the Academy is home to students from nearly 35 countries and 20 states. Admission has never been stronger at the Academy, with success that can be attributed to the student- centered philosophy, strong interest in the International Baccalaureate ® (IB) Diploma Program, and Roxbury Academic Support Program. To learn more about applying to Cheshire Academy, visit www.cheshireacademy.org/learnmore Fostering Academic Success From the in-depth IB program offerings to AP courses, students have the opportunity to delve into a rigorous and challenging academic program. The ability to succeed at the Academy is enhanced by small classes (an average of 12 students), low student-teacher ratio (7:1), 1:1 iPad program bringing the latest technology to the classroom, and an advisor program. Those who need even more personal attention may benefit from the Roxbury Academic Support program, which helps students understand how they learn while developing strategies for success. For more information about academics at Cheshire Academy, visit www.cheshireacademy.org/academics Earning Athletic Championships In athletics, the Fighting Cats have seen several victories, taking home four championship titles in 2013-2014: girls volleyball, football, boys basketball and girls softball. Softball’s win marked the second year in a row earning the title. This fall, the football team took home the Colonial League Championship and volleyball won the NEPSAC Class C Championship. For more information about athletics at Cheshire Academy, visit www.cheshireacademy.org/athletics


a multisensory approach to teaching that enables dyslexic students to thrive. The Gow community has a sense of belonging, of equality, and of connection born on common trials and shared triumph. Gow has a start fast, finish strong mentality and students typically start to see progress soon after they step foot in our classrooms. Students are often reading and writing better, enjoying school again and looking forward to what they can accomplish. At the School’s core is a structured program designed to help students navigate the academic day and a daily schedule designed to keep students busy. Between a packed class schedule, after-school sports, study hall and Saturday classes, there is little unprogrammed time. The School is settled on a 120 acre campus, which gives our students plenty of room to learn and play. Boarding school life does not always allow lots of free time, but it has plenty of room for fun. It is precisely because students are so involved – playing sports, going on trips, and hanging out with each other – they get the most out of the rich residential experience. In July, the school’s co-ed summer program is five weeks of learning and fun for ages 8-16! The Gow School Summer Program is for students who have been experiencing academic difficulties, or have been diagnosed with dyslexia or specific learning disabilities. The Summer Program runs from the end of June to early August with morning academics, afternoon fun and games and weekend adventures! The Gow School Summer Program gives students academic tools and self-confidence they can take with them wherever they go; to the classroom and beyond. By combining a structured program and environment with flexibility, individualization, and room for fun, Gow provides a rich school experience that is precisely what dyslexic students need to learn and to enjoy learning. gow.org 2491 Emery Rd, South Wales, NY, 14139. Phone: 716.687.2001 Email: admissions@gow.org

Exploring Artistic Expressions From painting and drawing to photography and digital imaging, there is something for everyone at Cheshire Academy... Our performing arts have recently showcased their talent through several productions. Actors took the stage in the Black Box Theater to perform Bertolt Brecht’s “Galileo,” while both our dancers and musicians held concerts recently. A unique program for boarding schools, Cheshire Academy offers an Arts Major program which helps students prepare for college level arts while developing strong portfolios. For more information about arts at Cheshire Academy visit, www.cheshireacademy.org/arts CHESHIRE ACADEMY

It’s an exciting time to join the Student-Centered School. Visit us at www.cheshireacademy.org to learn more about how you can be a part of the action!


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