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Where There Be Dragons In the days before the world had been fully charted, mapmakers would draw dragons to represent the lands that were still unknown. Bold explorers who ventured beyond the map’s edge were said to go “where there be dragons”. There are still people who live for this type of adventure. Who live in search of the meaning and mysticism that accompany adventures into the unknown. If you are one of them, come join us. We run programs for people like you. Founded in 1993, Where There Be Dragons is now recognized as the leader in cross-cultural education. We specialize in guiding summer and semester programs for high school and college students in 17 countries in the developing world. Each Dragons course is carefully crafted to cultivate global citizenship, leadership, and self-awareness within our students. If we succeed, we believe that Dragons students will return home better prepared to be leaders in thought, leaders in action, and most of all, leaders at heart. How do we travel? At Dragons, we are travelers not tourists. We travel in small groups, with 3 expert instructors and 12 students, maintaining a 4:1 student-to- instructor ratio. Traveling in a small group allows each course to follow a flexible itinerary and prioritize low-impact cultural engagement. This

Summer at St. Stephen’s School Rome, Italy

Spend your summer in Rome, Italy this year at St. Stephen’s School, a non-denominational, co-educational, international boarding and day high school. Choose from one of three summer programs, which are open to students from ages 12 to 19. Classes are conducted in English and boarding is available to students from around the world. Generations at St. Stephen’s: June14–27 (ages 12–19andgrandparents) This one-of-a-kind program is designed to foster close relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren. Generations allows participants to experience the Eternal City through history, art courses and walks, visits to spectacular sites, memorable dinners, and special summer cultural events. The Arts & Humanities Program: June 28 - July 11(ages 13 - 18) Encouraging a harmonious balance of intellect and creativity, this two- week session offers students the opportunity to explore both academically

and artistically in a program tailored to their individual interests and talents. Students take one core course, a language class (either Italian or Latin), and one or more elective courses. Core courses feature Renaissance Art, and Ancient Roman Topography, which allow students to visit important monuments and sites in person, and to attain an in-depth knowledge of the city. Elective courses include Creative Writing, 2D/3D Studio Art, Music


Appreciation, or Dance. Student exhibitions and special performances will be held at the conclusion of the summer school session. A trip to Pompeii and other sites in the south of Italy is also included. The American Institute for Roman Culture-St. Stephen’s School Pre-College Program in Rome: July 19 – August 8 (ages 16 – 18) Participate in an archaeological dig in the harbor city of ancient Rome! Offered by St. Stephen’s School and the American Institute of Roman Culture, the first week is an intensive introduction to ancient Rome and Roman civilization, involving lectures on Roman history and topography held onsite at archaeological sites around the city. Weeks two and three feature an archaeological field school and excavation in the Parco dei Ravennati at Ostia Antica. Hands-on instruction in video and photography documentation provides a rich, visual experience. Evenings include visits to cultural events and sites, and exciting guest lecturers who offer their expertise on everything from current Italian politics, Italian culture, social media, and more. Weekend overnight trips to the south (Pompeii and Sorrento), and north of Italy (Florence and Siena) are included. College credit may be offered. For more information and to enroll online: www.sssrome.it/en/summer-program St. Stephen’s School Rome, Via Aventina 3, Rome – 00153, Italy


means that we don’t take any shortcuts. When we travel, we pile into ox carts, paddle dugout canoes, and sleep on overnight trains. When we arrive in a new community, we live with homestay families and taste new foods, study a foreign language, and take bucket showers. We push ourselves to fully embrace a new way of life. And in doing so, we gain perspective on our lives at home, as well as firsthand insight into the myriad of issues that communities face in the developing world. What makes Dragons different? Dragons’ biggest asset is our instructors. Dragons instructors are professional educators. They come to us with a background in education, international development, or with country-specific expertise. With over 200,000 days of combined field experience, our instructors leverage their skillset and in-country contacts to design physically challenging, culturally relevant experiences. Each course is built around 9 program components to ensure a consistent core curriculum, and then tailored to meet the teams’ specific strengths. By putting our instructors at the center of the course design process, we encourage creativity, innovation, and empowered leadership in the field. Every Dragons course follows a different map. Every Dragons student explores uncharted territory. Come join us for your next adventure. www.whereetherebedragons.com

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