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I’m not here to make it pretty

It’s worthwhile to continue conversations around what marketing is and is not and why it’s critical to your bottom line.

I n recent years, we’ve finally seen the efforts of organizations like the Society of Marketing Professional Services and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals – as well as the grassroots work of marketers inside their firms – pay off. Marketing professionals are being recognized for the important role they play in brand awareness and differentiation, business development, and client satisfaction. Simply put, marketing is critical to profitability and people know it.

Mercedez Thompson, MA, CP APMP, Shipley BDC

For the most part. I truly believe we’ve made significant strides. In my 11-year career, I’ve witnessed and participated in targeted campaigns to help industry leaders better understand the value of investing in marketing and business development, as well as initiatives to boost awareness around women in the workplace and the need for meaningful diversity and inclusion practices. Most recently, with COVID-19 hovering relentlessly over every aspect of our lives, we’ve navigated difficult conversations about work-life fit, flexibility, and how firms can meet working parents where they are. For more on this, see the important work being done by ElevateHER.

Furthermore, we aren’t stopping at conversations – firms have taken a serious look at their policies and practices and begun pivoting to adapt to the modern workforce. The changes are paying off. The ROI on marketing and business development is well documented. Firms intentionally growing a diverse and inclusive culture reap the benefits of multi-faceted perspectives and experiences at the decision-making table. Recruiting, retention, and performance soar in work environments where health, balance, and happiness are prioritized. We are doing it.



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