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Creating a healthy office and a happier, more productive workforce


We are delighted to introduce you to Green Team Interiors Limited and the benefits of living plants. At Green Team Interiors we are positively passionate about the power of living plants in the workplace. We specialise in the design and supply of interior plant displays backed up by our high quality guaranteed plant care service. In addition to looking fantastic, our plant displays can help to: Decorate and enhance Reduce stress Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism Promote a positive company image We are an award winning member of Plants@Work, our industry association. Let us help you to transform your premises and give your employees the benefits of a healthier environment.

Mark Berriman Managing Director

Why Plants?

Office space with plants may increase employee productivity by 15%

Plants can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30% and save between 20-50% on energy used for heating

Plants in the workplace can reduce absenteeism by 25%


Plants help to reduce anxiety and stress by 50%

Plants can make us almost 50% more creative

Researchers suggest that when people are in a natural environment their memory and attention span shoots up by 20%

1 plant for every 3 people improves air quality and reduces moulds and bacteria by 50-60%

Plants raise humidity and relieve dry eye symptoms

Plants are believed to help reduce cold- related illnesses by over 30%

Our Ranges

Freestanding Plant Displays

The Carousel Collection

The So Succulent

Floor standing and desk top displays robust enough to sustain their good looks in areas of heavy traffic. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours with budget friendly and high end options, the opportunites to impress are limitless.

Perfect for receptions and other high profile areas, these outstanding floral displays designed by our very own YBF (Young British Florist) provide vivid colours and stunning arrangements guaranteed to ‘wow’!

Absolutely on trend for 2020 and beyond, these stunning, low-level displays are ideal for just about any workplace. Hand created here in Hampshire, these succulents and cacti are visually striking and a genuine conversation starter.

“The response at the office has been so positive. It certainly has improved the look of our reception and other floor lobby areas. Thank you to Becky and colleagues for a job well done.” PRA

Our Ranges

Live Pictures, Screens and Walls

Moss Pictures and Walls

Christmas Décor

Vertical indoor gardening at its finest! These beautiful displays are the living, breathing embodiment of biophilia . A great choice for areas with little or no floor space or as a statement piece for high profile areas. These displays include their own integral irrigation for plant longevity.

What better way to emphasise your ‘green credentials’ than with a moss wall. Manufactured using real, preserved moss , these displays offer a genuine opportunity to bring the outside indoors to immense effect. We can even incorporate a company logo or branding.

Transform your reception and office area the Green Team Interiors way. We offer fully decorated real and artificial trees of the highest quality and a festive choice of matching items. With a wide range of colour schemes available, it’s corporate Christmas without the fuss!

“Just had a look round on the first floor, it looks brilliant! Thank you to you and your team for doing a brilliant job and we are looking forward to working with you in the future” Celgene


The Home Collection

Retail and Showroom

This beautiful collection is available to employees of Green Team Interiors customers and offers a stunning range of displays designed to ‘green’ your home.

Plants do not just add life and colour to shops and shopping centres, they can be used to guide customers to areas of most interest, in fact the proper use of planters can be even more effective than signage when it comes to attracting people to the place you want them.

Spa, Leisure and Hospitality

The Office Collection

This industry presents its own unique set of challenges. Whether it’s heavy footfall or mood lighting, our experts can always find a solution. Go on...give us a try.

Our office collection features striking displays and plants robust enough to handle air-conditioning, low natural light and high foot traffic because after all, we only ever supply the right plant for the right place. At Green Team Interiors there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

“Working with Green Team Interiors has been a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to work with a supplier who is as dedicated and focused on customer service as we are toward our clients” Asmec Centre

Pricing Options

Rental & Maintenance This popular option incorporates a comprehensive, high quality maintenance service including free plant replacements for any plant which fails to thrive. Outright Purchase You may prefer to purchase the plant displays. This option is available with or without our maintenance service. Maintenance Only All the benefits of our fortnightly maintenance service for any plant displays owned by your company. Short Term Hire We can also offer bespoke solutions to provide plant displays for short term requirements. From a few days to a few weeks, our team will maintain as necessary.

“Always a great service both onsite and in the office. Keep doing what you’re doing!” PGS

New to all this?

Here’s how it works...

Installation As soon as we have a confirmed delivery from our suppliers, we will be in touch to arrange a convenient day to install your new plant displays. Ongoing Maintenance If you have opted for our superb maintenance service, your regular maintainer will be in for their first visit in a fortnight and every 2 weeks thereafter to help keep your plants looking outstanding! Continued Support Our friendly office team are always on hand to help with any queries or additional requirements. Please also chat to your regular maintainer, we are all here to support you however we can.

Get in Touch Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. What are you waiting for?

Site Visit Now you have made contact, we will arrange a suitable day/time to visit both you and your site to discuss your requirements and assess the space and environmental conditions. Quote Once we have all the information we need from our site visit, we will put together a bespoke proposal which will include visuals of the pots and plants we would like to use and further details about our service and pricing options.

Contact us

You would like to proceed Good choice! Just sign the Acceptance page on our proposal and we’ll get the ball rolling!

01730 890 111 enquiries@greenteaminteriors.com www.greenteaminteriors.co.uk

Ordering Once the signed Acceptance has been received we will order your bespoke pots and plants.


Our Attitude

Our Plants

Our Planters

As a company, we are committed to supporting the sustainability of the built environment. The use of living plants in the workplace is an integral part of positive environment management . We consider and minimise the environmental impact of our actions, from waste management through to recycling .

Our plants are sourced from growers whose propagation and growing methods are both sustainable and environmentally sound, including water recycling and use of solar panels for heat retention, thus cutting fuel costs.

Our planter manufacturers have an excellent sustainability record. Often we use UK-produced Advanced Composite planters which are made from recycled glass fibre matting. We are also very proud of our upcycling service, offering refurbished planters for a cost effective, sustainable alternative.

The Green Team Experience

Outstanding Customer Care

Relationships are Key


The Green Team Interiors vision and culture have developed into a team-wide commitment to ensuring exceptional customer care. We believe delivering extraordinary customer service should be the norm, not a pleasant surprise.

Good relationships are vital to continuing the success of Green Team Interiors. It is the commitment to the creation and development of sustainable relationships accross the business.

We have the horticultural design, customer service and business skills and experience to do our jobs well and the commitment, determination and attitude to ensure that we deliver.

“...wowee, now that’s customer service, I wish all my suppliers were like that!” Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Our Culture

A great company to do business with We are indeed fortunate to be based in the heart of rural Hampshire, a location that says much about the ethos of Green Team Interiors. Much of our workforce is drawn from the immediate area and we are delighted to support the rural economy courtesy of our skillful, dedicated and loyal team. In starting the company in 2000, it was the intention of Ruth and Chris to create an interior landscaping business based on the concept of ‘A Better Way’ and to this day, the idea remains at the heart of everything we do. “A Better Way” This describes our firmly held belief that business is not just about profits and dividends, it’s about people and relationships, community, respect and a consideration for every person that our company touches. Green Team Interiors are a company dedicated to making people’s working environments healthier and happier. We strive to do business the right way and ‘A Better Way’ is our commitment to the creation and development of sustainable relationships across the business.

“We don’t just work for Green Team Interiors, we are all Green Teamers at heart. I love working with our customers, and feel lucky to be surrounded by great colleagues and beautiful plants.” Els Corn | Office Manager and Customer Service

Thank You

Contact us 01730 890 111 enquiries@greenteaminteriors.com www.greenteaminteriors.co.uk

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