Go Green 2020


The Home Collection

Retail and Showroom

This beautiful collection is available to employees of Green Team Interiors customers and offers a stunning range of displays designed to ‘green’ your home.

Plants do not just add life and colour to shops and shopping centres, they can be used to guide customers to areas of most interest, in fact the proper use of planters can be even more effective than signage when it comes to attracting people to the place you want them.

Spa, Leisure and Hospitality

The Office Collection

This industry presents its own unique set of challenges. Whether it’s heavy footfall or mood lighting, our experts can always find a solution. Go on...give us a try.

Our office collection features striking displays and plants robust enough to handle air-conditioning, low natural light and high foot traffic because after all, we only ever supply the right plant for the right place. At Green Team Interiors there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

“Working with Green Team Interiors has been a breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to work with a supplier who is as dedicated and focused on customer service as we are toward our clients” Asmec Centre

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