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Jim’s Fishing Trip inMaine June, 2017

Memorial day typically marks that time of the year when I take a trip to Maine to go bass fishing with my cousins, and although last year I was unable to attend due to work obligations, I made a point to be able to put this well needed trip on my schedule. Lake Kezar is such a beautifully scenic place to visit (Stephen King lives here) let alone fish… and even under a cloud filled sky with pouring rain and temps in the low 50’s, it’s still an amazing place to spend a few days. I know some people might consider this a vacation, but the fishing is actually the grueling part of the trip. Most days start at 5 AM with continuous fishing for the next 12 to 14 hours (that equates to over 2000 casts per day!), only taking a short break for a quick bite to eat and a fish “weigh-in” at lunchtime. At the end of every day, the angler with the heaviest fish is awarded a custom fishing hat for his efforts (which I have never won). At the end of the three days of fishing the angler with the heaviest total wins the coveted grand champion trophy (which I have never won). And the angler with the lightest total wins the “nice try” trophy (which I have never won and never want to)! This year was no exception, as I neither won nor lost but still had a great time! I still say the best parts of this trip are the time and camaraderie spent with my cousins and friends. The stories and laughter never seem to end! And capping the adventure off with a 2lb Maine lobster dinner is poetic icing on the cake. Until next year……

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