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Direct Access At Next Level Physical Therapy Direct access saves you time by allowing you to come to us directly, without a doctor referral and see our therapists at The Next Level Physical Therapy. We can treat you without expensive tests. Therapy is a low cost value packed healthcare service. Jim Silvestri and his staff can start you on a program that’s perfect just for you and begin treating you right away. No wait, no hassle, with less out of pocket expenses. The following are just a few ways that physical therapy can help you: • Improve strength and flexibility • Increase your energy level to keep up with your kids • Up your game and stay healthy doing it • Avoid costly medication, painful injections or unnecessary surgery • Just flat out feel better everyday We would love to show YOU what our patients already know! Call The Next level and schedule your FREE DISCOVERY Visit today at 985-898-0721

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“I have a wider range of motion and much less pain in my hip!” Success Story: José J. “My experience here has been terrific. The exercises were challenging and painful at times, but they have helped my hip feel better and stronger. Everyone is awesome and encouraging, so the therapy didn’t seem as hard. I am glad I came here, and I hope to continue to heal with the home workout plan. Before physical therapy, I had limited range of motion and had pain with every lateral movement. Now, I have a wider range of motion and much less pain in my hip. Thanks again and hope to see you in Spain!”

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Mention this coupon when you Call Us For A FREE Discovery Visit 985.898.0721 Give me a call, I can answer your questions. We can offer you a free movement assessment. What is a DISCOVERY VISIT? It is a one on one free consultation with a Physical Therapist who figures out why you are in pain and develops a plan to get you feeling better.

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