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If money were no object, what goal or dream would you make a reality? Jan. 13 is “Make Your Dreams Come True Day,” dedicated to recognizing the aspirations we have in our lives. When people are asked about the dreams they would make a reality, traveling the world or taking a year off work to go on some grand adventure are popular answers. I’ve thought about doing those, but, without considering the cost, a dream I would love to realize is to attend the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. I got into golf when I was in my early 20s. A group of friends from my graduate classes and I started going every weekend as a way to decompress, relax, and escape for a while. We didn’t have a lot of money at that point, so we couldn’t go as often as we would have liked. Still, I always liked golfing somewhere visually appealing. Being out on a beautiful course meant just as much to me as playing the game. That’s why when I saw the Masters on TV for the first time, I was blown away. The course just looked so perfect, and since then, it’s been my dream to walk the course and see some of the greatest golfers in the world show what they’re made of. I just wish it wasn’t so

difficult to get tickets. I know tickets are scarce and sell quickly. Most of the time, they are not easy to get. I do know it’s possible for the average Joe to see the Masters, though. I had a friend about 10 or 15 years ago who got the chance of a lifetime to see it — and he took it. He has a friend working on the television production, and he was able to score a last-minute ticket. The night before the tournament, he found a red-eye flight to Augusta and didn’t sleep at all that weekend — but he was there. My buddy was able to take some pictures in Butler Cabin where they give the green jacket to the tournament winner. Just knowing someone I’m acquainted with found a way to the Masters Tournament makes that goal real in my mind. It’s not really some ethereal goal — it’s something I think I could AND VACATIONS, IT’S THE SHORTER GETAWAYS AND THE SMALLER THINGS THAT MOTIVATE ME.” “WHILE I UNDERSTAND THE APPEAL OF THOSE MONTHS-LONG TRIPS

really do someday. I can’t step away from my business for months or years to travel the world; that’s just not realistic. But getting away for a weekend to see the most famous golf tournament of all time? That seems attainable. Everyone’s dreams and goals are different. While I understand the appeal of those months-long trips and vacations, it’s the shorter getaways and the smaller things that motivate me. Those are the types of experiences that, when I finally check them off my bucket list, will bring me the most happiness.

–Mark Eddy

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