King's Business - 1925-04

VOL. 16

NO. 4

A P R IL 1925

■ I S H O T


THE KING’S BUSINESS, as now published, costs us a g rea t deal more than the subscription price. A ny publisher or p r in te r will tell you why. O u r advertising columns (w e ca rry none bu t approved) help somewhat, and if we could double the circulation, would be w orth much more to us. WE WANT YOUR HELP, for we regard T h e King’s Business as a definite, helpful, needed m inistry for the Lord. Some members of the K. B. fam ily have rendered valuable service in securing new subscriptions, and this we deeply appreciate. OUR APPEAL IS FROM OUR HEARTS to your heart. You, too, can help in this service for th e Lord if you will secure one or more new subscriptions, for The K ing’s Business is a bless­ ing to every member of the family. Read some of the commendations which h a v e c o m e recently. Will You Do This for Me, and Do It Today? Drop Me a Postal and Say on It “COUNT ON ME for one or more subscriptions within 30 days.”

What the Family Say About Their Paper

An Iowa Pastor “T h e K. B. has alw ays been a great in spiration to m e.'' (B .L.N .)

A Nebraska Bible Class Teacher “ I have taken the K. B. for years, and it ju st s a t i s f i e s my taste .” (E.K .B .) An Australian Minister “ I find the K. B. helpful in my w ork. It is full of suggestive m atter and S c rip tu ra l tru th . I p ra y it m ay be th e m eans of m uch blessing to its m any read ers all over th e w orld.” (J.F .) A Theological Student “ I like the K. B. very m uch, espe­ cially th e w ay you stan d fo u r-sq u are on th e W ord of God w hen so m any a re denying it from cover to cover. You a re keep in g m any a soul in the faith d u rin g this a p o state age. T h ere will be m any added to th e ranks, as upho ld ers of th e W ord, from this school.” (K .M .M .,X S em inary) A Colorado Mother “I have sent in four new su b scrip ­ tions recently. H ave tak e n the K.B. for 14 years. W e all love it, rejoice to get it and praise th e L ord for such a p a p er. My d a u g h te r an d I belong to ‘D efenders of Faith* and use a good m any tracts, sp eak a w ord an d teach th e W ord w henever possible.” (M rs. A .D .C .)

We will be praying for you and with you, and covet your prayers for us that God may give us the desire of our hearts

T. C. HORTON Editor-in-Chief 536-558 So. HOPE STREET, LOS ANGELES, CALIF.

Christ’s Call to Christi Men of Means! By your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord, God has constituted you a Steward “Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.” (2 Cor. 4:1,2) Time, Talents and Treasure are All God’s Gifts STEWARDS will be REQUIRED to GIVE an ACCOUNT of THEIR USE of THEIR GIFTS. ALL of US should be LOVINGLY, LOYALLY DESIROUS of DOING our BEST for HIM Who Did His BEST For Us Beware of Investing Where the Bible is Denied We are prepared to advise you, without cost, how your gifts may be used to bring you good returns, in time and in eternity. OUR ANNUITY CONTRACTS are SAFE, SOUND and SATISFACTORILY SECURED, paying semi-annual DIVIDENDS of from FOUR to TEN PERCENT, according to age at time of making contract. We invite your investigation.

T. C. HORTON Bible Institute of Los Angeles 536 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California


a t His Inauguration

It is a signif­ ic a n t fact in t h e s e d a y s w hen th e doc­

trin e s of th e In sp iratio n of th e W ord of God a n d th e D eity of th e L o rd Jesus C h rist a re being b ro u g h t into question by those in a u th o rity in c h u rch and

This Gospel Was Written for a Definite,

school, th a t o u r P resid en t should have chosen th e first c h a p te r of th e Gospel of John as his favorite p o rtio n of S crip tu re, a n d th at this w as the p o rtio n to w hich he pressed his lips on th e old fam ily Bible w hen h e to o k th e o a th of allegiance to th e solem n obligations resting u p o n him as P resid en t of these U nited States.

Specific Purpose

“B ut these a re w ritten , th a t ye m ight believe th a t Jesu s is th e C hrist, th e Son of God; a n d th a t believing ye m ig h t have life th ro u g h H is nam e.” (Jo h n 20:31.) W e could w ish th a t every citizen could read this Gospel, and h eartily comm end th e Special E dition illu strated above for g en ­ eral distribution. THE SOUL-WINNER’S EQUIPMENT ----- = COD'S PLAN MADE PLAIN IN THE GOSPEL OF JOHN — = = —

CHA PT ER TITLES a n d DIVISIONS m ake it easy to com prehend. T he HELPS a re designed to ASSIST CHR ISTIAN WORKERS in th eir perso n al en d eav o r to W IN SOULS, by using this Gospel w ith th em ; an d also to m ake it possible fo r any one into w hose hands this G ospel falls to find God’s p lan of salvation stated in th e term s of the Gospel itself. A ll NECESSARY INFORMATION for dealing w ith th e UNSAVED is given, and the passages cited a re all from th e GOSPEL O F JOHN YOU CAN HAVE THE JOY OF WINNING SOULS if you so desire. Do you desire th a t joy? T h en secu re a Gospel an d go to w ork. Send fo r a Sam ple accom panying w hich will b e sen t y o u Suggestions on “H ow to p rom o te a R eal Revival“ in school an d ch u rch .— A lso th e leaflet, “T h e M essage of th e K ing.“ Single copies, 5c; 100 copies, $4.00 p o stp a id ; 1000 copies, $30.00 n o t prep aid , i.e., D elivery E x tra B I O L A B OOK ROOM 536-558 So. Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

HOW TO DEFEND th e FUNDAMEN­ TALS of o u r FA ITH . U se th is edition of th e Gospel of John. Some of th e d octrines given are: INSPIRATION O F GOD'S WORD Jo h n 6:63; 8:26; 12:50 DEITY OF JESU S CHRIST One w ith th e F ath er, 14:9 God m anifest, 1:18 God in hum an form , 1:14 God w orshipped, 9:35, 36 JESU S CHRIST E ternal God, Jo h n 1:12 Om nipotent, 5:25 Om niscient, 2:24, 25 O m nipresent, 3:13 C reator, 1:3 ATONEMENT OF Jo h n 1:29; 12:24; 6:51 RESURRECTION O F JESU S CHRIST Jo h n 20:19, 20; 20:26-29 ASCENSION OF JESU S CHRIST Jo h n 16:7; 14:12 SECOND COMING OF JESUS Jo h n 14:3; 21:22,23 Also, th e D octrines of th e E ternal Life of B elievers, th e P erso n ality of S atan, E ternal Punishm ent.

Motto: " I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night a PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE

T . C. HORTON , E ditor-in-C hief


WM. A. FISHER, M anaging E ditor










TH IS MAGAZINE stan d s fo r th e Infallible W ord o f Cod, and for its g re a t fundam ental doctrines. . . ITS PUR PO SE is to stren g th en th e fa ith of all believers, in all th e w orld; to s tir th e ir h e a rts to engage in definite C hristian w ork; to acquaint them w ith th e v aried w ork of th e Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles; and to w ork in harm ony a n d fellow ship w ith them in m agnifying tlw p erso n an d w ork of ou r L ord Jesu s C hrist, a n d th u s h asten H is com ing. ' ------ . Volume XVI April, 1925 Number 4 . I

Table of Contents

Editorials Page Words from the Wounds of Jesus....... ................................................... 149 How to Live a Happy Life................................. -...............,....................... 149 The Eclipse of the Son........................ ................................. ................ .....150 The Modern Samson....................................-...............-................................ 150 The President Seals His Official Oath of Office....................................... 15 1 A Grateful Acknowledgment....................... ....................................-........15 1 Contributed Articles Prophecy and the Bodily Resurrection— Charles G. Trumbull............. 153. The Tomb of Destiny— Dr. T. DeWitt Talmage.....................................154 The Philosophy of the Death of Christ—Rene A. Aeschliman............. 155 The Scriptures are United in Their Testimony— Dr. F. E. Marsh........ 156 Habeas Corpus?— Dr. John G. Reid............... ....................... ................157 T. C. Horton Feted by His Friends................................................................ ..152 Fine Gold (A Serial Story)-^-Josephine Hope Westervelt........................... 158 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (China)............ ............................. ....159 Evangelistic Department (Interesting Soul Winning Stories from Real Experience).’..............................-...................................... 160 Pointers for Preachers and Teachers................................................................. 162 The Family Circle (For Fellowship and Intercession)...................................163 Practical Methods of Personal Work....................................................................164 Outline Studies in the Book of Jude................................................................. 165 Christian Endeavor Topics...................... ......166 The Children’s Garden............................................................................................ 16 7 Some Advantages of the Evening School-......................................................... 169 Best Books ....................................... ....................... -..............................................170 Flashlights from the World’s Mirror..... ........................................... - ................ 176 Bible Institute Happenings................................. 177 A Christian C o l l e g e ......................................-.....................................................1,7.9 Convention of Orthodox Colleges............................. 181 A Night of Prayer................................. 188 Outline of Fundamental (Whole Bible) S. S. Lessons.....................................191


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J j U U K /~ v |3 rN f-’D Q U K L / i ! i I \ J

0f being enclosed in m ail intended for T he K ing’s B usiness. E ntered a s S econd C lass M atter N ovem ber 17, 1910, a t th e P o s t Office a t L os A ngeles, C alifornia, u n d er th e A ct of M arch 3. 1879. A cceptance fo r m ailing a t special ra te of p o stag e p rovided fo r in Section 1103, A ct of O ctober 3, 1917, au th o rized O ctober 1, 1918.

Lo* Angeles, ' California


536-558 S. Hope Street,

CHRIST IS RISEN! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!; He hath bu rst His bonds in twain! Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Alleluia! Swell th e strain! F o r our gain He suffered loss By Divine decree. He h ath died upon th e cross, But our God is He. Christ is risen! Christ is risen! He h ath bu rst His bonds in twain! 6 h rist is risen! Christ is risen!* Alleluia! Swell th e strain ! See, the chains of death are broken; E arth below and Heaven above jo y in each amazing token Of His rising, Lord of love; He forevermore shall reign By th e F a th e r’s side; T ill He comes to earth again, Comes to claim His bride. Christ is risen! Christ is risen! He h ath bu rst His bonds In twain! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!' Alleluia! Swell th e strain! Glorious angels downward thronging Hail the Lord of all the skies; Heaven, w ith holy joy and longing For th e Word incarnate, cries, “Christ is risen! E arth , rejoice Gleam, ye starry train! All creation, find a voice, He o ’er all shall reign .” Christ is risen! Christ is risen! ■He h ath bu rst H is bonds in tw ain; Christ is risen! Christ is risen! O’er th e universe to, reign. — A. T. Gurney (1862) •

April 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S



m ^ Ó m

* 0 “

WORDS FROM THE WOUNDS OF JESUS Those of us who know Him and love Him never tire of meditating upon Him. His words are precious. They are the breath of life to us and He said they would be : “ The words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life.” In these days when our hearts are heavy over world and church conditions; when the downward drift is so apparent; when the battle rages with increasing fierce­ ness concerning the Godhead of Jesus Christ; when the forces of the enemy are massed for mortal combat under the banner of the brutal bandit leader who, through all the centuries has centered his attacks upon the person of Christ—the Seed of the woman—the God-predicted Potentate who is to bruise: Satan’s head; we are comforted by the God of all comfort with words which fell from His own lips. The tragedy of the cross was over. The gloom of the nights of unbelief had followed. Gathered in the upper room were the grief-stricken disciples. How they loved Him! How they missed Him! How. precious were the incidents which they recalled concerning Him! How they meditated upon His life of love and sacrifice. Their hearts burned with devotion for Him, bu t—He was gone! He was dead. He was buried in the tomb. There was no star of hope, no gleam of the dawning of a morning for them. They had witnessed the won­ ders of His power when He called Lazarus from his sleep of death, but now, He Himself was dead. The Light of the world had gone out and darkness covered the face of the deep. Silence reigned,—when, suddenly, He was in their midst! “ Peace be unto you” were His words. They' were terrified. How hard it was for His own to believe His words. Had He not said, “ I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to y o u /’—and here He is! But unbelief controls them and, because of this, one of the saddest, yet sweetest, manifestations in all the history of our Lord occurs. To quiet their fears, to awaken them from their unbelief, to arouse them to the consciousness of the new life, He says: “ Behold my hands and my feet that it is I myself; handle me, and see.” This is God speaking! This is the resurrected Son of God! This is the Man Christ Jesus! This is the One whose heel was bruised by Satan as He hung upon the cross! This is the One who is King of kings and Lord of lords! “ Handle me and see.” What love unbounded for these poor disciples! What longing unthinkable for their love and fellowship! What a picture for our Easter meditation! ' He is the same today. His love, unchanging and unchangeable, flows out to us. Never doubt it. He is reaching out those pierced hands to every hesitating,

halting believer, and saying, “ Behold my hands and my feet!” those blood-stained, scarred hands and feet, undying testimony to His love. Do not hurt His heart by unbelief. Cheer and com­ fort Him by loving loyalty to His unfailing Word and wonderful works. He lives! He loves! He holds the sceptre! He will come some good, glad day,—how soon we know not—and We will see His hands and feet and rule and reign with Him. Hallelujah! HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE Is there any such thing as “ a happy life” in a world of sin and suffering and sorrow? If so, what is the recipe? Surely any one would be willing to pay a big price for such a recipe. Well, we have it and are giving it to “ Our Family,” with the understanding that they will pass it. on to the tens of thousands of people who are just longing to know the “ h o w .” There can be no real happiness where there is uncon­ fessed, and unforgiven sin. Now, sin is the violation of law, and violated law always creates unrest in the violator. ‘‘There is no rest for the wicked.” Sin is always—first of all—against God Himself. So a sinner Can never be happy, but “ Blessed is the man whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered” (Psa. 32:1). A really happy man, then, must necessarily be a Christian. But how do you account for the fact that many Christians are not happy? That is an easy ques­ tion to answer. They are out of the will of God. Sins of commission and omission fill them with unrest. An unhappy Christian is a reproach to Christ. Christians are witnesses and must be good witnesses,S-lip and life testifying “ I am a Christian. See how happy I am!” EIGHT RULES FOR A HAPPY, HOLY, HEALTHY, CHRISTIAN LIFE. (1) . Consecrate (set apart) your life for your Lord. Do this definitely. Tell Him you lay yourself, your all, at His feet. You have been bought with a great price and belong to Him. Make it real. (2) Criticize yourself every night before retiring. After you have done this, sincerely and honestly, you will not have much time or heart for criticizing others. (3) Confess your sins daily. Start the day with a clean record.. “ If we confess* * * He is faithful to forgive.” Don’t flatter yourself that you have not sinned, for .the sins of omission are just as great, and often greater, than the sins of commission. (4) Commit your ways unto the Lord. Practice the habit of following His leading every day. He knows the way. You do not. He cannot fail. (5) Be content with your lot. “ Godliness, with con­ tentment, is grea’t gain.” It is not what you have, outside of Christ, but what you are that counts.

April 1925


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

Pity the poor, deluded preachers and professors in that day, with their smoked and blinded eyes! There will be no, eclipse of the Son of God then, but His countenance will be as “ the sun shineth in his strength,” from which “ the heavens and the earth” will flee away. “And th e kings of th e earth , and th e g rea t men, and the rich men, and th e chief captains, and th e m ighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, h id themselves in th e dens and in th e rocks of th e m ountains; - “And said to th e m ountains and rocks, F a ll on us, and hide us from th e face of him th a t sitte th on th e throne, and from th e w ra th of th e Lamb; ’ ‘ ’ *• “F o r th e g reat day of his w ra th is come; and who shall be able to stand ” (Rev. 6 :15 -17 ). THE MODERN SAMSON In our cartoon Mr. Pace has given us a picture which

(6) Cast your cares upon Him. You will have cares, but you need not carry them, for “ He careth for you.” (7) Covet earnestly the best gifts. He knows what gifts to give and when and how to bestow them. (8) Be concerned for the souls of people. What other reason would He have for leaving us here ? Why not take us to be with Himself? R e m e m b e r you belong to Christ. Do not allow anyone to tell you what or where your field of service is to be. Wait on the Lord, follow these rules and you will give joy to

His heart and be a happy Christian. THE ECLIPSE OF THE SON

The newspapers have been telling us that 25,000,000 people saw the eclipse of the sun last January. Shortly

fills our heart with compassion and con­ fidence,—^compassion for those whose faith in the fundamental doctrines of God’s Word is being , des­ troyed by the insid­ ious influence of those in places of authority, and, on the other hand, con­ fidence t h a t t h e hands of men are helpless and their efforts fru itle s s :to overthrow the doc­ trines themselves. Look for a moment at these two pillars l§-the Blood and the Body—w h i c h are i m b e d d e d in the immovable founda­ tion of the Virgin B i r t h of J e s u s Christ,—God mani­ fest in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16). The “ blood is the life” and the life of our Lord was poured out in a crimson

after that interest­ ing event we listened to a lecturer, who had gone up the Hudson R i v e r to witness it, describe the scene in graphic language, culminat­ ing with the emer­ gence of the sun f r o m the shadow cast upon it by the moon. His words- set us thinking of another eclipse—the eclipse of the Son of God by the shadows of doubt and unbelief that have been cast upon Him by Mod­ ernistic professors and preachers, seek­ ing to dim the glory and beauty of His royal presence.; seek­ ing to obliterate faith in His virgin birth and D e i t y ; classifying Him as a Christ but not the Christ; as a g o o d man, but not the


stream from hands and feet and heart. His life on earth and His example before men were ideal, but men could never equal them by imitation for, alas, the flesh is weak! But “ when I see the blood” God says, “ I will pass over you.” Under His blood are hidden all our sins, blotting them out from God’s sight. “ The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” A bloodless Bible would be a burlesque. And the same body, from which the blood was poured,—but glorified—came forth from the tomb. Hear His own testimony as He stood in the upper room after His resurrection (Luke 24:39): “Behold my hands and my feet, th a t it is I myself; handle me and see; for a sp irit h a th n o t flesh and bones, as ye see me have.”

God-Man ; giving to boys and girls and men and women smoked glasses through which to look, darkening their vision with mere semblances of truth until the Son of God ceases to be the God of the Bible and becomes merely a teacher and an example. The eclipse of the sun lasted but a few moments, then its rays again shone out in all their glory, shedding warmth and radiance over the earth. But millions are still dwelling in the shadow of the eclipse of the Son of God, and our heart aches for them. Had we the power we would smash to pieces every bit of smoked glass designed to shut out the truths of the glorious Gospel of the Son of God, and in its place put the telescope of the Word of God through which people might see Him as He ascended from the Mount of Olives and coming again—with sceptre in hand—the King of glory—to rule and reign!


April 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

Number of T racts given away............................................ ...... 400 Number of Backsliders Reclaimed...................................-...... 2 Number of Souls B rought to Christ....................................... 42 Persons Dealt W ith........................................ ............................. 67 REPORT OF RESULTS ACCOMPLISHED BY MEN’S BIBLE CLASS IN 1924 Gospels of John given away............................................. 29,639 T racts given away................................,................. .........,...141,617 Souls dealt w ith .......................... 1....................................... 16,324 Professed Conversions ,.......................,...!......................... 3,537 We are giving you these statistics .with the hope and prayer that other classes of young and old may be led to band together for the great work for which our Lord laid down His life. If this work could be done in a city so pleasure-loving and largely indifferent to the Gospel as is Los Angeles, it could be done' anywhere in the country. Why not prove it in your community? A GRATEFUL ACKNOWLEDGMENT Surprises await us all. Sometimes they fill us with sadness, and sometimes with gladness. It was the lat­ ter emotion which moved me when, on the night of February 20, a number of friends—old and new— gathered to testify in a loving way of their friendship for me. ■ Many greetings came also by wire and by mail, and the memories they evoked of friends and faces of bygone days stirred my heart with deep emotion. For this testimony, so unlooked for and of which I was so unworthy, I can only express my heartfelt gratitude. One feature of the gathering was a little remarkable; There was present one man who united with the church in Cincinnati at the same time as myself; another man who was President of the Y. M-. C. A. in Indianapolis when I first entered that work as secretary forty-eight years ago and also a dear Christian brother who was a co-laborer with me in the same city (Indianapolis); Dr. W. B. Riley) who presided over the gathering, was an intimate friend and associate in service twenty-eight years ago in Minneapolis, and another dear man was a close friend and helper when I was pastor of the Sco­ field Church in Dallas, Texas. This covered my field of service, with the exception of Philadelphia,; from which city came hearty greetings. In acknowledging these expressions of friendship, I desire to express my gratitude to those from whom they came and assure them that, with bodily strength unimpaired and deepened desire to labor for my Lord and Master, I shall seek with renewed devotion to do my best for Him who did His best for me. —T. C. Horton. ate jte CHRIST IS RISEN!

Notice the expression, “ flesh and bones” not “ flesh and blood.” :The blood was gone. Listen to the testi­ mony of Paul (1 Cor. 15:6 ): “A fter th a t he was seen of above five hundred b reth ren a t once; of whom th e g rea ter p a rt rem ain un to th is present, b u t some are fallen asleep.” “ In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established,” but here were five hundred wit­ nesses. Listen, again, to the testimony of the two men (Acts 1 :11): “ Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up in to heaven? -This same Jesus, which is tak en up from you in to heaven, shall so come in like manner, as ye have seen him go in to heaven.” He was not only resurrected but this same Jesus, in the same body, will come again. Take your hands off, you mimic Samson! You defile the structure, but you do not move the pillars. You may sweat, but you will not succeed- “ The foundation of God standeth sure.” THE PRESIDENT SEALS HIS OFFICIAL OATH OF OFFICE by Pressing His Lips upon the First Chapter of the Gospel of John. Opposite the “ Table of Contents” page we have pre­ sented a brief suggestion which we trust every member of our King’s Business Family will read. Our purpose in preparing it was to inspire every one of. you with a new love for souls and to give a suggestion of how to “ do i t now.” The point of contact is the essential thing in soul­ winning. The President has furnished us with an excel­ lent one and we urge every lover of the lost to improve the opportunity. Anyone, anywhere, will listen to you if you open your Gospel of John to the first verse and ask, “ Did you ever notice the significance of this first verse with its announcement of the eternal Godhead of our Lord Jesus Christ?” and then point out to them the great doctrinal teaching in that wonderful first chapter, and the illustration of personal -soul-winning contained in the incident of the calling of the first disciples. People are hungry for the Gospel. Nothing else will satisfy them, but so many do not know where to get the Bread of Life. We know, and we should help them. “ Give ye them to eat.” We are left here for that pur­ pose. The editor-in-chief of* this magazine has been teaching a Sunday morning Men’s Bible Class for eight years and has continually stressed with them the importance and need of personal work in saving the lost. He takes pleasure in giving you the report of results accomplished by the Evangelistic Band of this class. This Band is organized, meets on Sunday afternoon at two o’clock for prayer, then separates into groups and goes out to different sections of the city and the surrounding territory, holding meetings on the streets, at the seaside resorts, etc., wherever the opportunity offers, and winning souls through personal work with individuals. REPORT OF GOSPEL TEAM OF MEN’S BIBLE CLASS fo r ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON F eb ru ary 22, 1925. Total Number of W orkers.......................................................... 32 Number of Gospels given away.................. .............................. 301

Christ the Lord is risen today, Sons of men and angels say; Raise your songs and triumphs high; Sing, ye heavens, and earth reply. . •Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Christ hath burst the gates of hell; Death in vain forbids His rise; Christ hath opened Paradise.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

April 1925


HE evening of F eb ru ary 20 last, witnessed a most bappy gathering a t the Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles. A goodly number of Mr. H orton’s recent and form er associates, in this and other centers, assembled to do him honor upon th e occasion of his retirem en t as directing head of th e Institute. The occasion furnished a fitting opportunity to express the esteem in which th is distinguished Christian leader is held, and to voice appreciation of his em inent and varied services during a period of half a century. Scores of telegram s and letters expressing a unanimous sentim ent of brotherly attachm ent, were, received from widely scattered points, indicating th e extensive and useful m inistry of th is honored servant of th e Lord. The program , as given below, suggests the possibilities of this auspicious event, which was a tim e of fellowship and blessing to all who were privileged' to attend. PROGRAM C h airm an ............................................................................... Mr. J. M. Irvine P resid en t of the B oard of D irectors, Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles T o astm a ster.................................... .................... Rev. W . B. Riley, D. D. P resident, N orthw estern Bible an d M issionary T raining School M inneapolis, Minn. B irth— E arly Life and T rain in g ..................................D r. W. B*. Riley “From a child thou h a st know n th e H oly S crip tu res” (2 Tim . 3:15) C onversion ............................... C all to C h ristian W ork— Y. M. C. A . Rev. David R. Breed, D.D., LL.D. P ro fesso r of H om iletics, W estern Theological Sem inary, P ittsb u rg h , Penn. “Sow ing an d R eaping” (P salm 126:6) Specialized Soul-saving....................................... T he F isherm en’s C lub Mr. D on C. Y oungken E x -P resid en t "T aking m en alive" (L uke 5:10)

U ltim ate L ife-w ork.....................T he Bible Institute of Los A ngeles Rev. R alph A tkinson, D. D. A cting Dean "A w orkm an th a t needeth n o t to be asham ed” (2 Tim . 2:15) A s a C itizen.................................., ..........................Mr. H a rry C h an d ler P ro p rieto r and E ditor, “The Los A ngeles Tim es" “To him th a t sow eth righteousness shall be a sure rew ard." .7 ;^b~(Prov. 11:18) L ite rary W o rk ...............T h e P rin ted Page, "T h e ICing’s B usiness" Rev. F. W . F a rr, D.D., LL.D. P asto r, C alvary B ap tist C hurch, Los A ngeles "T he pen of a ready w rite r” (P sa. 45:1) C h ristian Fellow ship in Gospel W ork Rev. S tew art P. M acL ennan P asto r, F irst P resb y terian C hurch, H ollyw ood A “A band of men, w hose h e arts God had touched” (I Sam. 10:26) A fitting conclusion to the evening’s program was the presentation to Mr. Horton of a beautiful loving cup, and the rem arks made by Rev. S tew art P. MacLennan, Pastor F irst P resbyterian Church of Hollywood, in th is connection, served to emphasize the place of affectionate regard which Mr. Horton holds in the h earts of his countless friends. He responded to this testimony of esteem in his usual modest way, but w ith evident emotion, ascribing to his Lord all glory and praise for whatever had been accomplished by his means. In the picture above, it will be observed th a t Mr. H orton is contemplating, w ith evident pleasure, a copy of The K ing’s Business, upon which he is now concentrating his energy and prayers, th a t this outstanding F undam entalist periodical may attain an even Wider distribu tion th an it has already secured, and carry its message of vital faith in th e infallible Word of God th roughou t the world. —W. R. Hale, Asst. Supt. Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles.

P ropk ecy and tk e Bodily R e su rrec tion Charles G allaudet T rumbull, E d ito r of The Sunday School Times, Philadelphia An address made before th e American Society fo r P rophetic Study a t a meeting held in April, 1924. Those in terested in learn ing more of th e aims and membership of th is Society may address th e Secretary, Rev. R obert M. W ebster, 34S W est Dubai Street, Germantown, Philadelphia.

because it is prophetic tru th ? There is a real con­ nection here, not accidental, not superficial and not imaginary. Let us see the connection for ourselves, by looking a t the statem ents of a few Modernists, and then by looking a t th e Scriptures. A w e ll 1 known theological professor said to Archie L. Dyer of the Jap an Evangelistic Band, “I believe in the resurrection of Jesu s.”; ' “w h a t do you mean by th e resu rrection of Jesu s?” asked Mr. Dyer. “ Do you mean th a t you believe H is physical body was raised from th e g rav e?” W ith a sneer th e other answered: “No, of course I don’t believe th at. I believe His body decomposed and went back to th e ground like every o ther hum an body. But I believe the soul of Jesus rose from the dead and is perm eating hum an society today.” In o ther words, th is theological professor, and many other professing Christian Modernists w ith him , could p ara­ phrase the old Civil W ar song, “ John B rown’s body lies a-mouldering in th e grave, His soul goes m arching on,” so as to read, “Our Lord’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave, His soul goes marching on.” We recoil from such blas­ phemy; b u t th a t is Modernism. O ther Modernists are more moderate; they do no t deny the resurrection, b u t they say it is of no importance. One of the best known P resbyterian m inisters in America said to a member of his congregation: “Yes, I believe in the bod­ ily resurrection of Christ because I believe it is the simplest way out of it. But if any one comes to me and says th a t he believes it was a vision, I have no qu arrel w ith him. All I w ant to know is th a t a man believes th a t Christ made H imself known to His disciples, and I do not care w hether He had a body or w hether it was a vision. I do n o t expect to have a body myself.” An older Modernist, Dr. Lyman Abbott, back in 1910 denied the resurrection because he denied th e supernatu ral. Said he: “ I do not believe th a t any m iracle ever took place, for I do not believe th a t th e customary order of th e world has ever been contradicted. . . . I object to th e word ‘sup ern atu ral’ . . . . because I believe th a t all the n atu ra l is sup ern atu ral and all th e su p ern atu ral is n a tu ra l.” “Death is simply th e dropping off of th e body from th e sp irit; resu r­ rection is simply th e upspringing of th e sp irit from the body. There was nothing ex trao rd inary in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. E very d eath is a resu rrection . Believing this, it is not difficult for me to believe th a t th e disciples had some ocular evidence th a t the sp irit of Jesus Christ had (Continued on page 182)

HE resurrection of th e body is prophetic tru th . Like the “Coming” of th e Mes­ siah to th is earth , which the Old Testa­ m ent prophets, not fully understanding the sup ern atu ral and inspired prophecies they wrote, though t of only as a single g reat event, whereas we, w ith th e fulness of th e revelation in our hands, know th a t it is separated by almost two m illennium s into our Lord’s first coming in hum iliation, and His second coming in glory, and th erefo re the “Coming” of the Messiah is now in the realm s of both fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecy: so also is the resurrection of the body. It is one of th e g reat prophetic tru th s; bu t it is in th e 're a lm of fulfilled prophecy and also in the realm of unfulfilled prophecy. It was fulfilled, in p art, a t the tim e of our Lord’s first coming to th is earth , when th a t chapter in His “ Coming” was consummated, on earth , by the resurrection of His cru­ cified body from the dead. I t will be consummated as a p art of His second coming to th is earth , when the bodies of all who shall have believed on Him will be raised from th e dead. There is, indeed, a final phase of bodily resurrection, not connected w ith believers, also a p a rt of unfulfilled prophecy, in th e “ Second R esurrection,” when the bodies of th e lost will be raised from the dead for th e judgm ent of th e G reat W hite Throne. This phase of th e resurrection was covered by Dean W illiam L. Pettingill, in his satisfying paper on “The Two R esurrections” read before’th is Society last April. At th is tim e we are considering only th e resurrection body of believers. The fact th a t th e doctrine of the resu rrection is a p art of prophetic tru th has, of course, always been recognized by those who believe th e Bible. But have we recognized the relationship th a t the prophetic aspect of th e resurrection has to the position of Modernism today? I need no t have added th a t word “ today,” for Modernism today is no dif­ feren t from the Modernism of the first century, or from the Modernism of th e Garden of Eden. It consists only of denials of God’s W ord; th erefo re it is no different today from w hat it has always been,— a time-worn, monotonous ring ing of th e changes on the basic lie of the fath e r of lies, th e devil. But th e recent revival of Modernism, and its widely prev­ alen t and outspoken teachings, have throw n into sharp relief the fact th a t Modernism denies S criptural prophecy, and the resurrection of th e body. May I suggest th at, although th e Modernists themselves may not realize this, Modernism denies th e resurrection of th e body p artly



T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

April 1925

T k e T om fc> o f D e s t i n y AN EASTERTIDE SERMON by Rev. T. J>eWitt Talmage, D. D. Text: “Come, see th e place where th e Lord lay.”—Matt. 28:6.


ISITING any g reat city, we are no t satisfied until we have also looked a t its cemetery. We examine all th e styles of cenotaph, mausoleum, sarcopha­ gus, crypt, and sculpture. H ere lies buried a statesm an, yonder an o rator, here a poet, out th e re an inventor, in some other place a g reat philanthropist. But w ith how much g reater in te rest and w ith more depth of emotion we look upon our fam ily plot in the cemetery. In th e one case it is a m a tte r of public in terest; in th e other, it is a m atter of private and h ea rtfe lt affection. But around

walls, niches, each niche large enough to hold a dead body. One of these rooms of rock is especially w ealthy w ith sculp­ ture. It was a beautiful and charm ing spot. Why all this? The fact was th a t Joseph had recognized th e fact th a t he could not always walk those gardens, and he sought th is as his own last resting-place. W hat a beautiful place in which to w ait for th e resu r­ rection! Mark well th e mausoleum in th e rock. I t is to be th e most, celebrated tomb in all the ages; catacombs of Rome, tomb of Napoleon, Taj Mahal of India, noth ing com­ pared w i t h it.

the grave a t which we h a lt th is m orn­ ing th ere are gath­ ered all kinds of stupendous in te r­ ests. At th is sepul­ chre, I have to tell you, th ere was bur­ ied a King, a Con­ queror, an Emanci­ pator, a F riend, a B rother, a Christ. Monarch of th e uni­ verse, b u t bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh, sorrow of our sorrow , a n d h ea rt of our h eart. “ C o m e, see the place w h e r e the Lord lay.” I t has for sur- r o u n d i n g s the manor in th e sub­ urbs of Jerusalem , a m anor owned by a w ealthy gentle­ man by th e name of Joseph. He was one of th e court of sev­ enty who had con­ demned Christ, bu t I th in k he had voted in the nega­ tive, or, being a tim id m a n , had

Christ has ju st been murdered, and His b o d y m u s t b e throw n out to the dogs and th e rav ­ ens, as was custom­ ary w ith crucified bodies, unless th ere be prom pt and ef­ fective hindrance. Joseph, th e owner of th e mausoleum , begs fo r th e body of Christ, and he takes and washes th e poor m utilated f r a m e from the blood and th e dust, and shrouds it, and perfumes it, and lays it in th e sepulchre. T h e government, afraid th a t th e dis­ ciples would steal th e body of Christ and play resu rrec­ tion, p u t upon the door the seal of the Sanhedrim , th e vio­ lation of th a t seal, like the violation of th e seal of the United States Gov­ ernm ent, or of the B r i t i s h Govern­

been absent a t th e casting of the vote. He laid out the p a rte rre a t g reat expense. I t was a ho t climate, and I suppose th e re were broad-branched trees w ith winding paths underneath them , while here th e w aters rippled over th e rock into fishpool, and yonder th e vines and flowers clambered over the wall. I walk a little fa rth er on in the p arte rre and come across a cluster of rocks, and see on them the m arks of the sculptor’s chisel. I come still closer, and find th a t th ere is a sub terran ean recess, and I walk down th e marble stairs, and come to 'a portico over the doorway— , an architecture of fru its and flowers chiselled by th e hand of the sculptor. I go into the portico, and on eith er side th ere are rooms, two, or four, or six rooms of rock; in the

ment, always followed w ith severe penalties. A regim ent of soldiers from th e Tower of Antonio is detailed to guard th a t mausoleum. A t th e door of th a t tomb a fight took place which decided th e question for all graveyards and cemeteries. Sword of lightning against sword of steel! Angel of God ag ain st the m ilitary! The body in th e crypt begins to move and slides down upon th e pavement, moves th rough th e portico, appears in th e doorway, comes up th e m arble steps. Christ having left His m o rtuary attire, comes fo rth in th e garb of a workman, as I take it, from the fact th a t the women mis­ took Him for th e gardener. (Continued on page 185)


April 1925

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

of Christ

The Philosophy of the Death RENE A. AESOHMMAN Speaker of th e Ju n e (1924) Class o f th e Bible In stitu te (Concluded from March num ber)

of Los Angeles

hum an government, do no t even ques­ tion this, bu t tak e it as self-evident. They feel th a t man is wrong, under the w rath of God, an outlaw, a rebel. All heathen nations and philosophers felt, therefore, the need of expiatory sacrifice, or of a setting “at-one,” an atonement. Indeed, hum an conscience requires the vicarious death of Jesus Christ. (3 ) The judicial ch aracter of the atonem ent is indeed the fundam ental one, as ta u g h t by natu re, conscience and revelation. The Bible teaches th a t the very existence and reign of God is conditioned to justice and righteous­ ness (Psa. 85:14; 89:15; 9 7 :2 ). Righteousness is absolutely essential to life (Prov. 1 1 :1 9 ). Righteousness is the condition for any deliverance or b etterm en t (Prov. 10 :2 ; 11 :4 ; 21:21; Rom. 3:24 -25 ). Ju stice is absolutely necessary for the well-being o f God and the universe. Its stric t observance is the condition of life and happiness, of everything; its breaking is the highest crime, open rebellion ag a in st God, the Governor, and bears in itself th e p rin ­ ciple of ru in of th e universe and God H imself (if th a t were possible). As any earth ly governor th a t would no t enforce th e law by eith er public or re­ tribu tiv e justice to vindicate its rig h t­ fulness and su stain its respect, would thus inevitably constitute him self a crim inal and cause the ru in of his do­ main— so God, the Supreme Governor, m u st vindicate th e righ tfu lness of es­ tablished order and th e use of His au ­ tho rity in adm inistering discipline, penalty or reward, for H is and the uni­ verse’s well-being. God, therefore, being a m oral gov­ ernor, sustaining to man the relation, no t of a creditor to a debtor, b u t th a t of a ru ler to a subject, would n o t exact retribu tiv e b u t public ju stice fo r the support of th e au tho rity of th e law. This could alone be done in such a sub­ stitu te as Christ was. The atonem ent in Christ was intended as a satisfaction to public justice. This comes out clearly in Rom. 3:21-26. 3. Moral A rgument. Thé principle of vicarious sacrifice of which Christ’s death is the culmin­ ating expression, is th e basic element, (Continued on page 174)

This fact was eternally purposed by God (1 P ete r 1 :2 0 ). This fact was prophetically an ­ nounced in th e Old T estam ent (1 P eter 1:10-12; Luke 24:24, 44; Isaiah 53: 42). This fact was typically foreshadowed in th e Old T estam ent (1 Cor. 10:11; Rom. 5 :15 -21 ), and in the tabernacle, sacrifices and feasts. This fact was affirmed by Jesus Christ H im self during His earth ly life (Matt. 12:31-33; John 10:10, 11). This fact was actually executed in due tim e on Calvary (Gospels of Mat­ thew, Mark, Luke, and Jo h n ). 2. Jud icial A rgument. (1) Any th ink ing man will agree th a t th is physical world distinctly re­ veals design, harmony and order, and must therefore logically be the domain of “ one” government. The physical laws refer back' to “ one” Lawgiver. Violation of laws of n atu re (of gravity, electricity, etc.) are autom atically pun­ ished upon the delinquent, while the discovery of and obedience to the laws of n atu re lead to health, prosperity and happiness. I t is th erefo re a first tru th of reason th a t righteousness or obe­ dience to physical laws is essential to physical and therefore all life, while violation of these means ru in and death. (2) H istory, observation and expe­ rience unanim ously reveal an active, all-determ ining principle of righteous­ ness, even in th e moral sphere (Acts 2 8 :4 ). Moreover, all men are almost equally equipped w ith a strong moral faculty, called conscience (Rom. 1 :19 ; John 1:14; Rom. 2 :14 -15 ). The aver­ age uncultured heath en is strongly legal. The unavoidable conclusion is th a t the one existing God is essentially a righteous God, a moral agent. As He manages th e physical world, so He manages th e sp iritual world; the breaking of physical laws brings physi­ cal d eath ; breaking of sp iritu al laws brings sp iritu al death. Sin is the breaking of the law (1 John 3 :4 ). “The wages of sin is d eath ” (Rom. 6 :2 3 ). This is logical and inevitable. Man’s legal or moral relation and re­ sponsibility to God is a first tru th of reason. The child, the heathen, and

V. Some P roofs fo r th e Veracity of th e Christian Conception of Christ’s Death The Christian claims th a t the death of Christ was vicarious or substitution­ ary. He claims th a t Christ’s death is the one and only ground and guaranty fo r all th e doctrines of Soteriology, as well as the one th a t determ ines and settles forever all th e doctrines of Es­ chatology. The Christian claims th a t the death of th e Lord Jesus Christ is no t only the one basic tru th of th e Christian relig­ ion, b u t th e only ground for salvation for any man. T h at m ust be accepted even if a t the expense of any o ther re­ ligious, moral, ethical o r scientific rival-theory. Christ’s death was neces­ sary,— was unique. I t was the final “ exegesis” (John 1 :18) of the m ind of God, a determ ining act th a t did not "happen in a corner,” b u t in the center of th e moral and sp iritu al universe, and as such, is th e L igh t which en- ligh ten eth every man th a t cometh into the world (Jo h n 1 :9 ). Redemption provided by th e shed blood of Jesus Christ is the only ration al ground of hope for any individual man or hu ­ m anity in general (Acts 4 :1 2 ). Its ac­ ceptance does n o t mean th e abdication of our intellectual, moral or ethical natu re, but, contrariw ise, commends itself to them as it is never contrary to real philosophy, logic, ethics or science. Though it is prim arily a m a tte r of experiential realization and of Divine revelation, it will still stand and vindi­ cate itself as the one solid foundation tru th , “ the Rock of Ages,” when ap­ proached from any quarter. To sub­ sta n tia te th is proposition, a few argu ­ ments will be lined up here. 1. S crip tu ral A rgum ent. “ Christ died according to S cripture” (1 Cor. 15 :1 -5 ). Christ’s vicarious death is the foundation tru th around which Scripture crystallizes. “ Christ an d Him crucified” may stand as a def­ inition for the Old and New Testa­ ments. This is th e one g reat topic th a t is foretold and foreshadowed in the Old Testament> m anifested and real­ ized in the fou r Gospels, experienced and propagated by men in th e Acts, explained in th e Epistles and consum­ mated in Revelation.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

April 1925

( ÒA

TKe Scriptures are United in tKeir Testimony The fo u rth in an unusually in teresting and helpful series of articles on “The Bible,” by Dr. F . E . Marsh, of London, E ng­ land, ed ito r of The P rophetic Witness,, au th o r and well known Bible Teacher. Some of th e pBases of th is them e already discussed by Dr. Marsh have been: “The Importance of Bible Doctrine” ; “T h e Scriptures Unique in Their D etails” , etc. The series will continue th roughou t th e en tire year. W hile you w ill n o t w an t to miss any of them , yet each article is complete in itself. H HERE is one phrase which expresses th e unity of the Scriptures and th a t is th e expression which occurs thirty-five times in Psa. 119, namely, “Thy W ord.” This is in th e singular num ber and Christ’s quotations from th e Book in meeting S atan ’s temp­ tations. The book of Jo shua is connected w ith Ephesians by the contrast between Israel’s earth ly inheritance and the believer’s riches in heavenly things i n , Christ. Daniel’s sealed book is explained by th e Book of th e Revelation, and the apostasies recorded in th e Book of Judges are repeated in the second Epistles of P eter and John, and. in Jude. Unity of T ru th

accords w ith a common usage in the Book. There are th ree times th irte en books in the Old Testam ent; and th ree times nine books in the New Testam ent— sixty-six books in all, or th ree times twenty-two books. The tim e extends through sixteen hundred years in w riting the Book, from Moses the prophet to John th e Apostle; and th ere are no less than thirty-six au tho rs or human instrum ents through whom th e Spirit wrote. Men of all grades and conditions were the hum an means of communication. The Book was w ritten in th ree different languages, and in many different places; and yet th ere is a unity which is perfect in its testimony. There is a progressiveness in its revelation, but no contradiction, as may be seen in the names by which God gradually reveals Himself. In Creation He is God (Gen. 1 .); to Abram He is th e A lm ighty God (Gen. 1 7 :1 ); to Israel He is Jehovah (Ex. 6 :3 ) ; in Christ He is F a th e r (John 1 4 :9 ); and yet One Lord. I can only indicate th ree lines of unity: namely, unity of prophecy, un ity of books, and unity of tru th . Unity of Prophecy Among the many prophecies relating to Christ, tak e the following: To Adam was made known Christ’s m iraculous b irth , being called, not th e “seed of m an” b u t the “ seed of the woman” (Gen. 3 :1 5 ); to Abraham was revealed th e nation w ith which He would be identified (Gen. 12:3; Acts 3 :2 5 ); to Jacob, it was made known th a t He would be of the trib e of Jud ah (Gen. 4 9 :1 0 ); to David, it was com­ municated th a t He would be of his fam ily (2 Sam. 7 :1 2 - 1 4 ); to Daniel was unfolded th e time He would appear (Dan. 9 :2 5 ); to Micah was declared the town in which He would be born (Micah 5 :2 ) ; to Malachi, it was stated th a t He would be preceded by a fo rerunn er (Mai. 3 :1 ) ; to Zech- ariah , it was shown th a t Christ would, be betrayed fo r th irty pièces of silver (Zech. 11:12) and th e way He would en ter into Jeru salem (Zech. 9 :9 ) ; to the P salm ist, was made known the m anner of His death by crucifixion (Psa. 22: 16) ; th a t not a bone of Him should be broken (Psa. 34:20) and th a t He would rise from the dead (Psa. 16:10) ; and to Isaiah was revealed God’s p a rt in Christ’s d eath (Isa. 53: 10) and th a t He would be identified w ith transgressors and pray fo r them (Isa. 5 3 :12 ). Unity of Books Jo h n ’s Gospel is associated w ith Genesis by th e corres­ pondent expression “ In th e beginning.” Hebrews is joined w ith Leviticus by the parallel tru th s of worship based on the ground of atonement. Romans is united to Exodus by th e sim ilar blessing of redemption by faith. The pilgrim life of th e believer emphasized by Peter, is illu strated in Numbers. The sp iritu al n atu re of th e law laid down in Christ’s teaching as recorded by Matthew finds its coun terp art in Deuteronomy, and a fu rth e r correspondence is seen in

The “ eight feasts of Jehovah” are typical of the three-fold cord of the Gospel, nam ely:— Grace, Godliness, and Glory, The Sabbath (Lev. 23:1-3) is typical of God’s re st in C h rist,,as expressed in th e Spirit of God abiding (resting ) on Him and the F a th e r’s acknow ledgment of Him as th e One in whom He was well pleased (Matt. 3:16-17; Jo h n 1 :3 3 ). The P assover (Lev. 23 :5 ) is typical of Christ’s death for sin, and is expressive of the protection th e re is in H im who was “sacrificed for u s” (1 Cor. 5 :7 ; Rom. 8:1-4, R. Y .). The F e a st of Unleavened B read (Lev. 23 :6 ) represents the outcome of faith in Christ. He, by His indwelling presence, purges out th e leaven of legality (Gal. 5 :9 ), malice and wickedness (1 Cor. 5 :7 -8 ). The F irs t F ru its (Lev. 23:9-14) is typical of Christ’s resu rrection from th e dead, as th e first fru its of those who sleep in Him (1 Cor. 15 :20 ). P en teco st (Lev. 23:15-21) is typical of th e coming and dispensation of th e Holy Spirit (Acts 2 :1 ). He is gath er­ ing ou t from Jew and Gentile (two loaves) tho se who shall make up the mystical body of Christ (1 Cor. 12 :12 ; Eph. 4 :1 6 ). The F e a st of T rum pets (Lev. 23:23-25) is typical of the tim e when th e trum p et of Christ’s re tu rn shall be heard, as He gathers His own people to H imself in the Glory (1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15 :52 ). The Day of A tonem ent (Lev. 23:26-32) is typical of Christ’s m anifestation to Israel as th e ir Messiah when they shall “ look upon Him whom they have pierced” (Zech. 12:10; Rev. 1 :7 ). The F e a st of Tabernacles (Lev. 23:33-34) represents the m illennium when the scene on th e Mount of T ransfiguration (Mark 9:2-7) shall be known over th e whole earth , for th e glory of th e Lord will cover it (Hab. 2 :1 4 ). There is yet one o th er tru th , the most im po rtan t of all, and th a t is,— all approach to God and all blessing from God is based upon vicarious sacrifice. F rom Genesis to Reve­ lation th is scarlet line is seen, and like th e unseen b a r In th e Tabernacle (Ex. 36:33) holds all the Book, w ith its relative tru th s, together. L et us briefly embody New T esta­ m ent statem en t w ith Old Testam ent type as found in th e first th ree books in th e B ible:— Abel’s approach to God and acceptance on th e ground of sacrifice (Gen. 4:4-5; Heb. 10:19-20; 1 1 :4 ). Isaac’s life spared by th e sub stitu tion of th e ram (Gen. 22:13; 1 Pet. 2 :2 4 ). Judgm en t averted by th e slain paschal lamb (Ex. 1 2 :6 ; 1 Cor. 5 :7 ). (Continued on page 187)

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