King's Business - 1925-04

THE KING’S BUSINESS, as now published, costs us a g rea t deal more than the subscription price. A ny publisher or p r in te r will tell you why. O u r advertising columns (w e ca rry none bu t approved) help somewhat, and if we could double the circulation, would be w orth much more to us. WE WANT YOUR HELP, for we regard T h e King’s Business as a definite, helpful, needed m inistry for the Lord. Some members of the K. B. fam ily have rendered valuable service in securing new subscriptions, and this we deeply appreciate. OUR APPEAL IS FROM OUR HEARTS to your heart. You, too, can help in this service for th e Lord if you will secure one or more new subscriptions, for The K ing’s Business is a bless­ ing to every member of the family. Read some of the commendations which h a v e c o m e recently. Will You Do This for Me, and Do It Today? Drop Me a Postal and Say on It “COUNT ON ME for one or more subscriptions within 30 days.”

What the Family Say About Their Paper

An Iowa Pastor “T h e K. B. has alw ays been a great in spiration to m e.'' (B .L.N .)

A Nebraska Bible Class Teacher “ I have taken the K. B. for years, and it ju st s a t i s f i e s my taste .” (E.K .B .) An Australian Minister “ I find the K. B. helpful in my w ork. It is full of suggestive m atter and S c rip tu ra l tru th . I p ra y it m ay be th e m eans of m uch blessing to its m any read ers all over th e w orld.” (J.F .) A Theological Student “ I like the K. B. very m uch, espe­ cially th e w ay you stan d fo u r-sq u are on th e W ord of God w hen so m any a re denying it from cover to cover. You a re keep in g m any a soul in the faith d u rin g this a p o state age. T h ere will be m any added to th e ranks, as upho ld ers of th e W ord, from this school.” (K .M .M .,X S em inary) A Colorado Mother “I have sent in four new su b scrip ­ tions recently. H ave tak e n the K.B. for 14 years. W e all love it, rejoice to get it and praise th e L ord for such a p a p er. My d a u g h te r an d I belong to ‘D efenders of Faith* and use a good m any tracts, sp eak a w ord an d teach th e W ord w henever possible.” (M rs. A .D .C .)

We will be praying for you and with you, and covet your prayers for us that God may give us the desire of our hearts

T. C. HORTON Editor-in-Chief 536-558 So. HOPE STREET, LOS ANGELES, CALIF.

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