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The Gorbals


The Gorbals dates from at least 1285 when it was a single-street village to the south of the River Clyde. The district was acquired by the Elphinstone family in 1571 and made into a ‘Burgh of Barony and Regality’ in 1607. In 1790, the Gorbals village became the property of Glasgow Town Council and became a trendy place for those who wished to leave the old city centre. Elegant new suburbs such as Hutchesontown were developed with tenements in a modern street grid system. From the 17th century through to the 19th century, coal was mined in the area and the Gorbals became active in trades such as weaving and metal working to name but a few. By the turn of the 20th century, many tenements had become overcrowded and families were rehoused within modern high-rise tower blocks or New Towns.



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