Campaign Newsletter 2 Fall 2023


I n January 2023, under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, our leadership embarked on Enhancing the Experience: A Campaign for MRA. With Enhancing the Experience, we seek to raise $4,755,000 to provide more avenues for our stu- dents to experience enriched academic programs and expanded opportunities to serve and lead. Four projects were selected to better serve our students, facul- ty, and families through facility upgrades, technology advance- ments, and academic and extracurricular enhancements. We believe that with your support, we can surpass expectations and create a lasting impact on our students, faculty, and families that will be felt for generations to come. RAWLINGS HALL ENRICHMENT CENTER The magic of MRA starts in kindergarten with our youngest learners - a place of wonder, excitement, and hands-on experiences. Completion of the Rawlings Hall Enrichment Center will create spaces for the enrichment classes of music, Bible, and computer, as well as move two K5 classrooms to the K5 hall. In addition, the center will include a multi-purpose room for PE classes, indoor recess, after-school activities, Grandparents’ Days, and other kindergarten programs and events. ELEMENTARY ENHANCEMENTS Additional upgrades to the elementary include technology enhancements, new classroom desks and flexible seating, art casing displays, and new monitors for the hallways.

HIGH SCHOOL ENHANCEMENTS Enriched science classes, labs, and a new BioMed program will also be added for high school students. Additional upgrades will include flexible seating, art casing displays, and new monitors for the hallways. PERFORMING ARTS REHEARSAL HALL The MRA performing arts program has grown significantly over the last five years. More than 200 students are involved in our performing arts program. MRA will expand the current storage building south of the baseball field and create a Performing Arts Rehearsal Hall This will provide a permanent rehearsal hall for our performing artists to cultivate their talents and deepen their relationships. TENNIS COMPLEX MRA has purchased four acres from Ridgecrest Baptist Church to construct eight “home” tennis courts on Old Canton Road. Plans also call for a golf practice facility. Interest in tennis has increased substantially in the last few years, and a Home tennis complex will enhance safety for our student-athletes while allowing for increased student and fan participation in the growing program. By Mary Claire Parrish, Director of Development

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CAMPAIGN CHAIRS “Enhancing the Experience is about making MRA the best. It is very clear this isn’t about being the big- gest. Sometimes that is a lot of peo- ple’s goal, but that focus on being the biggest can dilute culture and dilute foundation. There is something so special about MRA. It really is an ex- tension, a partnership, of our family. The more you get involved at MRA, the more you want to get involved. You see the administration’s heart for the students, and you see the teachers’ heart for the students. The more we get involved, the more we see their passion and want to participate and give back. We encourage everyone to get involved in some capacity to give our teachers better resources and our kids a better environment to learn and grow. Every little bit helps. This campaign is not just a few individuals; it is comprised of all parents and teachers. In giving, every bit matters - It is all impactful.” Neil and Avery Forbes Co-Chairs, Enhancing the Experience Hannah (11th), Sawyer (6th), and Maddie (5th)



T hanks to the unwavering support and generous pledges to Enhancing the Experience: A Campaign for MRA , we have already raised $3.3 Million to- wards our goal of $4,755,000 - a remarkable achievement. Your contributions enabled us to begin sev- eral projects ahead of schedule. New class- room desks are being used in the elemen- tary school, providing our young learners with collaborative seating that fosters group learning. Additionally, our elementary teachers are enjoying a renovated lounge and workroom. In addition to new desks, the high school has also seen transformation in many areas. The Thompson Hall Board Room has been renovated in order to accommodate large student groups like Student Leadership In- stitute (SLi) and Student Government. The College Counseling Center has been es- tablished to help meet the needs of our high school students as they plan for the future. Our students are able to meet with college repre- sentatives visiting MRA individually to prepare and plan for their next academic season. Lastly, the high school added a new academic program focusing on Biomedical Sciences, as well as renovated a classroom and lab. This state-of-the-art program enables our high school students to explore the healthcare field in the classroom and lab, as well as in our community. By Mary Claire Parrish, Director of Development




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