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“I’m not using my cane anymore!”

“I came to Avenues Physical Therapy after two other physical therapy places. I have been to other physical therapy places, but none compare to Avenues Physical Therapy. I am especially happy with the care and patience Linda has shown me. “Let’s do 15, you did 10 last week.” OK, Linda. I think I have made great improvements since I first came here, up and down steps, lifting things from the floor and not using my cane anymore. I have a knee replacement to get and when its time for physical therapy again, I’m coming straight back here. Thank you, Avenues Physical Therapy, and especially Linda. By the way, I won the $10 in the misspelled word contest!” - John F.

“I am now able to walk without pain!”

I had been struggling with a lack of energy and severe back pain. It was painful towalk,sitandevengetoutofbed. Ialsohad troublebreathingafterwalkingup the stairs. I made appointments with my doctor and she recommended some treatments, including physical therapy. I told my doctor I did not want to go to physical therapy. The treatments helped, but I was still suffering with severe backpain.Afteranothervisitwithmydoctor,sheagain recommendedphysical therapy. My wife and my doctor insisted I try physical therapy. Mywife,Ann,hadpreviouslyhadphysical therapy treatmentatAvenuesTherapy Clinic. Kelsey Kean helped her, and she suggested I make an appointment. I am glad I listened to Ann and my doctor. I am now able to walk, get out of bed and walk up and down the stairs without pain. I want to thank Tawna Bovero and Kelsey Kean for their treatment and great advice. - Ralph R.

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“Beginning to play tennis again!”

“In mid December I was really having trouble with my left heel hurting. I was limping when I walked and didn’t want to put any weight on my foot. I stopped playing tennis because of the aching, pain and some swelling. I finally got an x-ray and had a bone spur on my heel. I was really afraid I might need surgery. After putting up with the pain I called Avenues PhysicalTherapy. With physical therapy, T.L.C. and exercises, my foot is now feeling better and the pain has definitely decreased. I am slowly beginning to play tennis again and go for walks with much more comfort.” - Beverly R.

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