King's Business - 1932-10

'Cling to that which endures

In the panic year when HannibaVs army crossed the Alps, a wise old Roman advised his son and heir: “ Be not affected by the temporary shifts of fortune’ s winds. Be certain that your undertakings are based upon the solid rock of proven worth. In a world of change, cling to that which endures.”

There are no medical examinations required. Biola Annuity Agreements give a larger net in­ come than other investments. As high as 9 % is paid. A stated income for life is assured Annuity In­ vestors. Annuity investments prevent losses through idle money. Finally, the Life Annuity Agreement is one o f the best securities on the market, and a security worth having because it will yield cash dividends during life and dividends o f joy throughout eternity.

Advantages o f a Biola Annuity Agreement: Life Annuity Agreements are exempt from Income Tax. until the total amount o f the principal is returned to the annuitant. A Life Annuity Agreement cannot be attached or garnisheed for debt. If the Agreements are lost or stolen, it does not affect the payment o f the annuity. Annuity Agreements may be drawn to include more than one person.

For Further Information Send for the BIOLA Annuity Booklet

Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 536-558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, California

Please send without obligation copy of Biola Annuity Booklet No. 632 Name_____1_________________________------------------------------------

------^ ----------------------- Age.

City vf-y

_________ ____________State______


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