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Bibles and Books Scofield Bible — Retail and Wholesale — All Editions — Fresh Stock — Gold Stamping — Thumb Index — Fowler's Christian Book Store, 113 Main Street, Hamburg, New York. Pastors and Students! Write for free catalog of New and Used religious books. Libraries pur­ chased. Kregel's Bookstore, Dept. KB, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan. Free Copy, "Facts About The R.S.V. Bible." Startling disclosures. Also samples of other Gos­ pel literature. (Stamp for postage appreciated.) A. R. Funderburk, 1215 Conrad, Palestine, Texas. Old Bibles rebound. A price, binding and style to meet every need. All types of binding, rebinding. Write for illustrated folder, prices. Norris Book­ binding Co., Greenwood, Mississippi. Miscellaneous FIFTY SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING BIBLE TEXTS on shiny plosticraft style calling cards, $1.00. Somples, 25c. Standard Specialities, Box 4382 E. San Francisco, California. HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME in spare time with 63- year-old school. No Classes. Standard high „school texts supplied. Single subjects if de­ sired. Credit for subjects already completed. Progress at own speed. Diploma awarded. In­ formation booklet free . . write today! American School, Dept. X340, Drexel at 58tn, Chicago 37. FOR SALE— A well established Christian Bible and Book Store in Southern California. Reason for selling— Illness. Write Wm. A. Anderson, 2708 Birch St., Alhambra, California. Music Correct and singable hymn music composed, ar­ ranged, edited and printed. Folders free. Ray­ mond Iden (KB), Mount Vernon, Ohio. F R E E CHIME RECORDING INFORMATION "EASTER CHIMES" long-ploy Album, $3.98. Also Albums featuring Faith, Praise, Prayer, Devotion, Morning, Evening, Wedding, Patriotic, and Christmas, 20 hymns each. Buy three, one FREE. Send check, postage prepoid. CHIMES, 1818 Outpost, Hollywood 28, California. Personnel Wanted Chemist. Opening for Ph.D. or M.A. to head Chemistry Department at Biolo, starting foil of 1960. Must be a Bible-believing Christian. BIOLA BOOK ROOM 560 So. Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, Calif. Enclosed please find $................ . for which please send to the address below the following records:— ....#2001 Anthology Record for .........$3.98 ..... # $3.98 Record for only ............. 98 OR ..... # $4.98 for only ...................$1.98 ...#2003 Anthology Record for ........ $3.98 ..... # $3.98 Record for only ............. 98 OR ......# $4.98 Record for only ......... $1.98 Plus 40c for postoge and Sales Tax for each 2 Record deal purchase............. Nome ................................... Address ........................................... Religious libraries purchased. Baker Book House, Dept. KB, Grond Rapids 6, Michigan.

Dr. and Mrs. Brumfield with radio map which indicates the various countries from which Radio Kids Bible Club receives mail.

the African travels and adventures. Today he, himself, is a missionary in Africa. Other have gone with the Wycliffe Bible Translators; while still more are planning for foreign service in the future as the Lord leads. At one time Radio Kids Bible Club was affiliated with International Child Evangelism Fellowship. Mr. Brum- geld still remains on the executive committee of ICEF. The goal of the RKBC is primarily to reach un­ churched children around the world. They have a staggering field, for most boys and girls fall into this category. “At least two-thirds of the children of our country do not attend any church of any faith whatsoever,” Dr. Brum­ field points out. We try to include a missionary emphasis in everything we do. We feel that it is important not only to reach the unsaved but also to challenge the born-again children to full-time Christian service.” The Radio Kids Bible Club, Inc. is con­ trolled by a board of directors. The “ Johnnie” and “ Suzie” books which Dr. Brumfield has written are now printed and distributed by the Zondervan P u b l i s h i n g House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have been translated into twenty different languages and are read widely around the world. Several missionary books have been published since the organi­ zation started. “We feel that to reach the greatest number of boys and girls the least expensive means of getting the gospel out is through radio,” Dr. Brumfield concluded. By the time boys and girls have reached adult age, they have often rejected all teachings of the church. That is why we have entered into this unique program. No financial appeals are ever made on the air. The theme of the Radio Kids Bible Club could well be summed up in the words of the Lord Jesus: “ Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

plans includes the series called Tel- adventure. This we hope some day can be translated to the television screen. Dr. Brumfield and his staff have discovered that station managers are aware of the juvenile crime problem in the United States. In approaching these radio stations they show that the answer is prevention rather than cure, and that the gospel is the only way of reaching the hearts of boys and girls. “ I have never found one station manager in all my time in the work who has not been extremely interested in this approach,” Dr. Brumfield stated. “ One thing we do is to insist that before they accept the program, they hear it. Our basic pro­ gramming principle has been to broadcast 50% music through our well-trained choir and then a drama­ tization of our Christian adventure story.” Perhaps one reason for the effective ministry is that all of the time by those who take part on the broadcast is donated. This represents many hours each week of^,.faithful work and service. A new phase of the ministry of Radio Kids Bible Club was 'recently added in the appointment of Louie Rhoden as assistant to the director. Mr. Rhoden’s field of activity has in­ cluded correspondence and promo­ tional work. He has had wide experi­ ence as a youth evangelist. In his spare time, Dr. Brumfield enjoys listening to the radio and lis­ tening to it critically. In commenting on the past years of ministry, he de­ clares, “ My greatest thrill is the re­ alization that a number of the chil­ dren who have taken part in our min­ istry are now in full-time Christian service. Some have gone to Biola and are now out on the mission fields of the world. Others have gone to such fine Christian schools as John Brown and Bob Jones universities, Westmont College and others. One young man, Norman Lowry, played ‘Johnnie’ in



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