Emma-Leone Palmer | ÉKSTASIS


Exuding vibrancy and sensuality, ÉKSTASIS is a celebration of losing ourselves in the moment and embracing the magic of being alive. Through her fearless paintings, Emma-Leone Palmer explores the synergy of art, music and light; with rhythm pulsing through her veins, she has pushed the possibilities of oil paint to combine the canoni- cal painting modes of the Renaissance with the hyper-neon colours of the 21st century. This stunning selection of original and limited edition artworks sees Emma return to her raw self, following her large-scale interactive LUX installation in 2021. Her personal experiences of classical opera and art in Italy are weaved into each of the female nudes, which are titled after musical terms like vivace (lively) and nocturne (inspired by the night). Creating contrast between darkness and lumi- nescence through chiaroscuro – a technique used by artists including Caravaggio – Emma uses light as an allegory for energy. She explains: “I’ve got to make my own energy. I am alive, and I want to paint paintings that make me feel alive. I’m going to swell and swish it up and be colourful, bold and totally me.” Contemporary yet classical, Emma’s figurative works draw upon the freedom of sound. While painting, she listens to anything from electronic dance to pop, funk and rock. She adds: “The music comes on, and the paint starts flowing. I listen to

music every day to get me into my zone, my ‘flow state’. Music always takes you to places; like art or literature, it transports you to another world, somewhere above yourself. “When you’re so focused and connected, time and your sense of self disappear. You feel completely and utterly in tune with you’re doing – whether that’s painting, running, writing, or making love. In life, we are all searching for that ‘thing’: the portal to our freedom. This is ÉKSTASIS . I’m painting me, I’m painting you, I’m painting all of us when we’re in that place.”


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