Gifts to avoid in certain situations

G ift giving should always aim to please. Un­ fortunately, some choices can pro- voke embarrassed reactions from the recipient. You can avoid making mistakes by choosing carefully. Hygiene products Some people who receive sham- poo, deodorant or other personal hygiene products may feel hurt or insulted. Even if they don’t, they might get the impression that you think their personal hy- giene has room for improvement. You’remuch better off giving this type of gift to people who have specifically asked for them. Alcohol If you want to offer alcoholic products, make sure the person isn’t pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, on medication or part of a religion that prohibits alcohol. You’re not sure if the

intended recipient is a teetotaler? Choose another gift that doesn’t leave any chances for embarrassment. Treats It goes without saying that you should avoid giving chocolates, candies or other sugary treats to people who wear braces, are on a diet or who have diabetes.

well known, so it’s a good bet that the person you’re thinking of giving smoking-related products to is trying to cut down or stop all together. Better go to plan B! Expensive gifts Someone who receives a big gift usually feels obliged to offer one of similar value in return. How can you avoid creating the feeling of indebtedness? Get together with some other people to buy a group gift, even if you pay 90 per cent of the bill.

Think twice before buying your gifts because some can cause negative reactions.

Items for smokers These days, the harmful effects of tobacco are

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