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UMS Campus Alert enables alerts and notifications in a campus area

Areas of Use • Alerts/ Notifications • Mobilise Staff

UMS Campus Alert is a unified communication

• Information • Evacuation • Reminders

solution designed for alerting and reporting incidents on campuses of various institutions. The solution leverages multiple modes of alerting to reach out to a large number of people in a short span of time.

How it works • Select alert channel(s) • Add recipients • Define content • Send message • View message status

Unique Functionalities

UMS Campus Alert UMS Campus Alert provides a comprehensive alerting solution to the administrators of campuses of various institutions like hospitals, schools, colleges and business enterprises. Based on the requirements and availability, the solution can be customised to use one or more of the following technologies to help the administration reach its people when it matters most. LOCATION BASED ALERTING UMS’ patented location based alerting technology helps authorities alert everyone within a geographi- cal area. The technology identifies people by their last known location in the mobile network and disseminates alerts via SMS. ADDRESS BASED ALERTING Address based alerting leverages geo-coded databases that alerts people based on their listed addresses or locations of interest. This system can disseminate alerts through multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, voice messages, emails among others. GROUP BASED ALERTING Group alert involves directory based alerting in which contacts segregated into multiple groups can be alerted simultaneously using multiple channels like voice, SMS, email etc. CAMPUS ALERT MOBILE APP Featuring an easy to use mobile app that is currently available for Android and iOS, Campus Alert app allows the users to: • Receive alerts via push notifications

MULTI HAZARD ALERTING SOLUTION Campus Alert can be used for emergency alerting during natural or man- made disasters and as an efficient non-critical noti- fication system. MULTI-CHANNEL ALERTING The solution can relay alerts over multiple channels like SMS, voice, email, push notifications, electronic display boards. STATUS RESPONSE Recipient response is displayed instantaneously and a new message may be sent based on this response. SCALABILITY The system can store potentially limitless number of contacts and groups in hierarchical manner. alerting, an online portal can be provided to gather relevant contact information along with locations of interest to receive alerts. CAMPUS PORTAL For address based

• Respond to alerts with - Plain text information - Multi-media information - Current location information

UMS - an Everbridge Company, has more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 500 million people with our systems for public notifications. The company pro- vides alert solutions that enable both public and private entities to communicate with customers and citizens through various channels before, during and after of both unexpected and scheduled events. We use multiple technologies to leverage existing infrastructure of telecom operators when sending critical messages. Our solutions can help save lives and reduce damage to property by providing impor- tant information for the right people, through the right channels and at the right time. UMS has pioneered location-based mobile alerting on a regional and total country scale, and can point to having deployed more national systems than any other company in the world, including Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands, Greece, Cambodia and two states in India. Everbridge serves over 3,700 customers worldwide. The company’s secure, scalable and highly redundant platform was used to send over 2 billion notifications to people in over 200 countries and territories in 2017. Everbridge’s Critical Event Management software suite enables customers to improve how they anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the many critical events which threaten the safety of people, disrupt daily operations, and put brand reputations at risk.

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