Coping with Traumatic Death as a Result of Underage Drinking

Healing Journey

Your life will not be the same as it was before your loved one died. Learning to manage grief requires that you recognize and acknowledge all that is involved in the grief journey. Many people describe the grief process as a roller coaster ride with ups and downs along the way. However painful and difficult, grieving is necessary to heal and to find new meaning in life. Coping is an attempt to adapt your new circumstances into your existing life and you may try a variety of means to achieve this; some may work for you; others may not. Try several to see what may work. Through this grieving process you will learn to live in your new normal. Coping Tips • Tell your story, over and over again. • Get support from a professional counselor or support group in your area. • Talk to someone who has experienced the traumatic death of a loved one. • Write about your experience in a journal. • Seek information about your loved one’s death to answer those unanswered questions. • Understand that everyone grieves differently and be especially sensitive to family members who may be grieving differently than you. • Reinvest in life by reaching out to others. • Stay connected with people who are supportive and understanding. • Take care of yourself physically by eating well and getting plenty of sleep.


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