Coping with Traumatic Death as a Result of Underage Drinking

Alexis was turning 17 and a large group of friends had planned a party for her. One of the teens used his father’s credit card to buy vodka at a li- quor store known for selling to minors. The party was held at a trailer where eight teens and one adult decided to spend the night. Around 5:00 in the morning, a fire started. The nine woke up and tried to get out. Six of those in the trailer that night, including Alexis, died in the fire. She was my only child, and I never thought that she would die. My worst fears as a parent were pregnancy or dropping out of school, but you don’t think about these things until it hap- pens. Now I advocate for change, to make sure this doesn’t happen to other families. One thing I want to make sure all parents know: trust your children, but always double check what they tell you, you don’t want to be left wishing you made the call.

Tiffany’s daughter Alexis had told her that she would be at her best friend’s house that night. Tiffany didn’t know about the party until after the fire.

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