Coping with Traumatic Death as a Result of Underage Drinking

Some minors go to a local business that may be known in their area to provide alcohol to minors, some use a fake ID to try to purchase alcohol, or some may have an adult buy the alcohol for them. Because the sale and provision of alcohol is illegal, if you know that it is happening, or has happened, and would like to report it, there is an entity you can and should report that activity to. The Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau provides listings of the agencies that would handle these situations for each state: state-ABC.shtml. Unfortunately, teens

sometimes get alcohol from their parents or other adults, who think that kids should be free to learn from their own mistakes. Other parents may believe that if kids learn to drink at home, they’ll

The provision and sale of alcohol to minors is illegal in all 50 states.

be safer. Research proves them wrong. When teens feel they have their parents’ approval to drink alcohol, they tend to drink more – and more often – outside the home. What seemed harmless at first often results in tragic consequences that parents don’t anticipate. To find out more information about your state’s specific laws regarding underage drinking, you can do to the website for the Alcohol Policy Information System at http://


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