Coping with Traumatic Death as a Result of Underage Drinking

No Opportunity to Say Goodbye After a tragedy, surviving family members and friends are emotionally assaulted. There is no time to gradually prepare for the loss. You could have never prepared for the devastating blow caused by your loved one’s traumatic death. When someone dies due to an expected death they may have the opportunity to see or talk with their loved one. Due to the to say goodbye, tell them you love them or to spend time with them before their death. Even if you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye, it’s very likely that your loved one knew how much you cared about them. Death of a Child When a child is killed there may be an additional sense of wrongness associated with the death of someone young. The loss of that person may highlight all of the things that child hasn’t yet been able to experience in their life, all of the things they will be missing out on experiencing. Having a child die implies that something unnatural has happened. After the death of a child loved ones may be terrified that another family member may be killed and go to great lengths to monitor their activities to try to prevent some other tragedy from happening. Even if you didn’t get to say goodbye, your loved one knew you cared about them. unexpected nature of traumatic death, you may not have had time

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