King's Business - 1945-11

I Features and f Advantages • 352 pages o f old favorites, many beautiful new num­ bers and songs revised and rearranged to meet present evangelical needs. • Strongevangelical appeal both in musical numbers and large selection o f well chosen unison and respon­ sive readings. • T o p ic index o f Scripture readings—a new exclusive feature. • Complete general index and extensive topical index (seasons, special days, sub­ jects etc.) over 95 headings. • New low priced orches­ trations available for 29 in­ struments. Single copy $1, in quantities only 85c each.

• Don’t miss this opportunity to test this new surprising song book now ready after years of planning and re­ search. Tear out and mail coupon for FREE sample copy today. See and examine this great and welcome aid in winning souls. Contains the hymns and songs that thrill the nation— Songs that warm the heart, impart zeal and win souls. Capable of inspiring the whole nation to march on “Like a mighty army” to spiritual victory— and win the peace. Build your “Post-war” program around this book of amazing power— the latest and best of the Tabernacle Series. Outstrips its predecessors— embraces a wider range of spiritual experience and more richly emphasizes fundamental truths. “The grandest book I’ve ever seen

in my 14 years in the ministry,” writes one pastor. Hundreds echo his acclaim. Satisfies young and old—an all-pur­ pose book for every use. Attractive cloth covers, strongly bound. Price only $60.00 a hundred, not prepaid.

TABER NACLE PUBLISHING C O ..3 6 0 -TS North Waller Ave., Chicago 44, Illinois Gentlemen: As we need new song books in our Church please send us FREE sample of Tabernacle Hymns Number Four” —the Song Book of the Nation. Name.



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