Zambia Safari - 2017

The glowing sky with its oranges, salmons, purples, blues, and pinks did not stir him at all, nor did the smells of our finger foods or even us humans. Norman seems best at sleeping! We learned that the rangers and guides are concerned for this somnolent male lion because he has no pride nor was he ever accepted into one. At present, he is able to care for himself and doesn't seem to miss the company of his kind, but he would be in danger if other males came into the territory and wanted to rout him out of it.


Zambia's terrain is quite varied. Some of what we saw was forested and the right habitat for the antelope species we observed. Some was savannah land with plentiful watery swamps lands, but occasionally we came upon ruined landscapes with nothing living except a rare weed along the roadway.

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