Zambia Safari - 2017

Philemon told us that this devastation was done by elephants. They break off branches of trees and tear up the foliage. They push trees down completely to get at the bark and the materials beneath the bark. It is a rare tree that can survive a real elephant attack! But for all that, plus the long dry seasons, Zambia is quite beautiful and seems to be a healthy habitat for all the animals and the people who live there too. The tourist trade has brought new money into the country and local people are seeing that it is the animals who bring in the tourists and thus the jobs and the money!


On August 27, we rose early again to drive back to Mfuwe Airport for our flight to Lower Zambezi National Park and the Chongwe River Lodge. We flew to Royal Airport which was a bit more deserving of its international airport designation. It did have a terminal building made of concrete blocks after all. This flight took about 45 minutes but it flew at 10,000 feet and most of us fell asleep rather than sightseeing. Again, the luggage restrictions announced held no water at all. We just tossed everything into the tail of the plane.

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