Zambia Safari - 2017

This beautiful facility was more upscale than Kakuli; Lawrence and Jim pronounced it "over the top." But it was comfortable with enormous suites for everyone with private dining areas in between, indoor and outdoor showers, incredibly beautiful views of the Chongwe River where it flowed into the Zambezi.

Our biggest surprise here was that elephants wandered in and out of the property at will. Often we were not allowed to come and go to our cabins because elephants were dining too close to the trails to the cabins. They would either delay our departure from the cabins or send an armed guard to accompany us. Once Kay and I started out to the meeting place and had to make tracks to an empty range rover because three elephants unexpectedly came through the forest heading right in our direction. But we were to have more exciting elephant encounters here as well. There was a French group at Chongwe while we were in residence and that's when we discovered how nice the private dining area between Jim & Lawrence's suites would be. The French did not really want to be with us for meals nor we with them. So this was perfect. We had our own servers and

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