Zambia Safari - 2017

One evening we gathered for our dinner and found that Jim was "trapped" in his suite because one of the "crashers" was dining on fruits and seeds that had fallen on the roof of his abode from an overhanging tree!

The elephant was standing just outside the dining area up against the outer wall. But that did not stop his reaching across with his trunk and grasping the favored food for the evening. Jim could not come out because all that was going right over his head. We waited for dinner until the pachyderm had her fill and wandered off on her own. On another occasion, while we were at dinner, Kay and I asked Lawrence if we could use his "facility" since we did not want to get a guide to take us back to our own suite. Then we realized that another elephant (perhaps it was our same former dinner companion) was wandering through the open dining area heading for Lawrence's front door.

When Lawrence would walk straight out his door, he entered the dining area, but if he turned right he would go into a winding walled-in corridor

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