Zambia Safari - 2017

that led to the path outside the suites. Well, it appeared the elephant knew that corridor too because she headed right for it.

This corridor was not very wide and we feared that she might not get through easily or at all. Needless to say, we waited ‘til the "guest" had made her way to the path outside before we took advantage of Lawrence's hospitality. One of the funniest things that happened to us at this beautiful lodge occurred our first morning. We woke up to the sounds of locomotives running back and forth in front of our suite. The engines would rev up and then slow down, the roar off before coming right back. It was very odd because we knew that in front of our patio was the Chongwe River very near the entrance to the Zambezi. We could not imagine that there was a railway in the part of the park.

As the sun came up, we jumped up and flung open the door to see the colorful sunrise we had been promised by the staff people. And stunning it truly was.

We marveled over Mother Nature's artistry and then realized that the "train was still running" back and forth. We looked in the waters of the two rivers and both saw and heard our train engines—it was the innumerable hippos in the rivers.

They made such outlandish and loud sounds that it truly did sound like locomotives on the move and revving up the engine! Of course, there were no railroads anywhere near the Lower Zambezi National Park!

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