Zambia Safari - 2017


After our amazing experiences with Philemon at Kakuli who greatly spoiled us with his knowledge, his excellently planned routes and his clear understanding of our hopes for each game drive, we were probably doomed to be disappointed in George here at Chongwe. And we were! During our first few drive safaris, we had some difficulty communicating with George, our driver guide. He did not seem to understand when the birders wanted to stop for a better view or when Kay wanted time to get the perfect picture and he would just go on ahead. He also seemed intimidated by the expertise of our 4 skilled birders. He misidentified at least three bird species they had easily recognized. That certainly dimmed their appreciation of his guiding skills. Soon he stopped trying to spot or identify birds at all. Another failing was his seeming misunderstanding of our wish to see the wild dogs said to be in the area. He told us that they were usually at airfield between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. So when did he get us to the airfield? At 8:30 a.m. and the dogs had gone to bed by then. Since he knew the hours when they would most likely be seen, we were disgruntled that he never got us there during that window of opportunity. We repeatedly told him that we were more than willing to start the morning safaris earlier but that seemed to make no difference to the "plans" in his head. He also seemed determined that we should explore every different habitat in the park, including the mountainous area, even though he admitted that at this time of year there would be very little bird or animal life up there. He also reported that the drive would be long and arduous and probably take

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