Zambia Safari - 2017

up most of our safari time on whatever day he decided to take us up. We were in consternation about what to do because none of the six of us wanted to be taken up the mountains. Mark decided that George was not being obstinate but that perhaps he is usually given a protocol for the various safari drives and was unsure about deviating from it. So our diplomatic guide, Mark, went to the head ranger/guide to discuss our predicament. The next day proved that he had made the correct move. What a difference in George! From then on, we had a wonderful time with him as he made every effort to find the animals and birds we wanted to observe. When we happened upon them, he stopped with patience for our activities of locating the bird, photographing it, watching the mammal behaviors, checking the bird books to make correct identifications. And the very next day, we were at the airfield in plenty of time to see and photograph the wild dog pack.

The pack is a small one, with only four known members, but we saw three of them and Kay also got a couple of really good pictures of them.

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