Zambia Safari - 2017

On another occasion, we came upon a very fruitful Ilala Palm where some baboons were merrily scooting up the tree, grabbing the fruit, leaping from one frond to another and even onto the branches of trees of different species nearby. They squabbled among themselves, screeching and play-fighting or maybe it was serious. We were so much enjoying the antics of the baboons and George gave us some

interesting information about the eating habits of the baboons—they eat only the skin of the palm fruit and drop or throw the inner fruit on the ground and sometimes at each other. He did not act as if he thought we were taking too much time enjoying the activity in front us. And lucky he didn't move us off because the next act was about to start. A mother elephant and her young calf soon hove on the scene, scattering any baboons who happened to be on the ground. She and her youngster began foraging among the fruits on the ground and George explained that the elephants eat the fruits whole with skins or without and that their dining was a necessity to the survival of the Ilala palm. Their fruits with the seed inside have evolved to require passage through the intestines of the elephant in order to sprout and create the next generation. The young elephant was learning from his mother about eating the fruits and he was also learning not to be intimidated by the screeching baboons! It was a wonderful experience to see these activities with leisurely time!

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