Zambia Safari - 2017

And then, there was a third act began. Suddenly we heard an unearthly shrieking! A very young baby baboon was sitting alone and forlorn on a branch screaming for his mother. Somehow she had wandered off, forgetting about him it appeared. Well, the screams produced the result he wanted and mother came racing back to fetch him. The wails stopped immediately but the story wasn't over. Quite unexpectedly, the big Alpha Male baboon came roaring in, accompanied by a couple of other adults, and he began what George said was disciplining the errant mother. They chased her around and cuffed at her occasionally and made some pretty terrifying vocalizations.

She gathered her wits and took her baby off into the distance. George told us that this mother will not ever wander off from her helpless youngster. This was a lesson indeed!

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