Zambia Safari - 2017

Later, poor George, just as he was regaining our respect and trust, another problem befell him. As we were returning from an early morning safari heading for our anticipated breakfast, he decided to take a short-cut back to the camp. The sun was shining brightly into the curvy path through a small ravine-like feature. Because of the glare, neither George nor any of us could have foreseen that we were barreling up to a sand-trap, worse than any on a golf course. Sure enough, we were soon stuck in the slippery dry sand almost up to the hubcaps. Despite valiant efforts by George, Mark, Lawrence, and Jim to free it, the rover was only getting deeper into the sand. Then he discovered that the 4- wheel drive was not engaged nor could it be. There was shade on one side of the little ravine, but it was very hot and getting hotter, especially for the fellows trying to dig the wheels out, put limbs in for traction, and other maneuvers. George had his phone, some good luck there, and it worked even in the ravine so another rover quickly appeared to rescue us in time not to miss breakfast. A tractor was soon dispatched as well and George and the benighted rover were hauled back to camp, rather unceremoniously.

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