Zambia Safari - 2017

Hippos were equally present though, as the darkness began to draw its curtain on the evening, many disappeared as they went ashore in both countries to forage during the night. The sunsets on the Zambezi were brilliant in both colors and lengths. The beauty made us loath to return to the land.


Though we had taken night drives in Kakuli, it seemed the ones we had here were more productive of successful animal sightings. The nights in both places were much cooler, even chilly sometimes, but often more comfortable than the hot daytime ones. One particularly wonderful day started with an evening drive with the sun slowly setting on us. We drove through a beautiful valley bathed in golden light with more and more stars peeking out as the sky darkened. Zebras, Kudus, bushbuck, waterbuck, and elephants were all aglow in the gorgeous

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